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Jewelry Tips and Tricks

How to Sell Handmade Jewelry at a Craft Fair

Tips For Selling Jewelry at Craft Fairs

If you make handmade jewelry and you want to sell it for a profit, you may go into your community and sell it, as long as you know how to get a table at local craft fairs. There are plenty of ways to show off your homemade jewelry designs to a local audience, up close and personal. For example, flea markets are great places to get cheap tables. It’s important that the cost of a table rental isn’t too high,…

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CyKLu Jewelry – Etsy Shop Review

Unique jewelry which is made entirely by hand is always a pleasure to wear and you’ll find so many wonderful, nature-inspired pieces at the CyKLu Etsy shop. This exceptional jewelry shop is found at This online boutique is…

Etsy jewelry photography tips
Jewelry Tips and Tricks

Top 8 Etsy Jewelry Photography Tips

The best way to get potential buyers to notice your jewelry is by taking phenomenal pictures. It’s a key indicator for potential buyers of, not only the quality of your work, but if it’s something they’d actually wear. Below…

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Dots and String – Handmade Jewelry

A Review Of Dots & String Handmade Jewelry. Companies on Etsy come in all shapes and sizes. While some are large and their product line is expansive, others are more specialized towards a particular style of design or intended…

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Magick & Marvels From VenaRicoDesigns

With thousands of shops on Etsy, it can be a challenge to sift through all the talent and creativity to find what you are looking for. With that in mind, let’s take a moment to review the Etsy store…