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TY Fine Furniture – Contemporary Handmade Furniture

Handmade Organic Furniture

Etsy is absolutely loaded with all kinds of furniture shops, though the overwhelming majority of those shops are selling secondhand, reclaimed, or repurposed items from handy people that are breathing new life into objects that probably wouldn’t have lasted a whole lot longer otherwise. The TY Fine Furniture shop is about as far away from that as is possible. TY Fine Furniture Etsy Shop Overview Featuring beautifully designed contemporary furniture, each and every single piece of which is made in…

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Swarovski beads

GLITZYstonesbeads – Handmade Jewelry

One of the most impressive Etsy shops to offer handmade jewelry in the last few years, the GLITZY Stones & Beads is filled with handmade Swarovski bead jewelry, semi precious stones jewelry, and the kind of custom commission pieces…

Gorgeous Rhinestone Sticker

Celebrate your beauty – GitanaPassion

Jeweled body art is becoming incredibly popular these days – particularly at the many festivals that are held all over the world. Offering completely custom pieces of jeweled body art that can be worn as part of any festival…

Mental Health Art

Inkdala – Printable Psychology Art

There’s just something immediately captivating about Rorschach prints and artwork that pulls us in, gives us a window into our psyche, and lets us play around with our thoughts while comparing “notes” with the impression that others have about…

Frida Kahlo bag
Artwork Featured

MEGALAYAH – Printed canvas bags & art prints

This adorable little Etsy shop was originally conceived of as a bit of a hobby, a way for a professional web designer and developer to make the most of her favorite creative outlet – painting, creating, and bringing the…

Money doesn't buy class

Handmade by GothChicAccessories

If you’re into the Goth look and lifestyle, you’ll love the unconventional accessories that you find at GothChicAccessories. Each item is fully and proudly handmade in Italy. Today, we want to share information about GothChicAccessories and why it’s such…

Small PUZZLE box

Unique home decor and gifts from TransylvanyArt

If you’re interested in finding new places to shop for unique items at the Etsy platform, you’ll enjoy learning about TransylvanyArt. It’s a popular Etsy shop which specializes in offering Romanian puzzle boxes, jewelry boxes and home decor. Today,…

How to use promoted listing on Etsy
Tips and Tricks

Top Tips for Etsy Promoted Listings in 2018

If you’re selling at Etsy and you want to bring more people to your Etsy shop, you may want to consider investing in Etsy Promoted Listings. Today, we want to share information about what promoted listings are, the overall…

How to take good photos of handbags
Tips and Tricks

Easy Tips on How to Take Good Photos of Handbags

If you’re interested in selling handbags at Etsy or another online platform, you should know that learning how to take wonderful photographs of them will help you to get more business. Our culture is increasingly image-centric. This means that…

LaineyDesigns Etsy Shop for Bohemian Clothes and Accessories

LaineyDesigns Etsy Shop Review

If you love unusual clothing, beanies, tapestries and pillows, you should know that you’ll find some gorgeous styles with true bohemian flair at the LaineyDesigns Etsy shop. This shop earns strong and positive reviews and it’s a great place…