About Us

A modern, techno version of the charming old crafts fair, CraftyFever.com creates connect between buyers and sellers.

If you are an ETSY shop owner, you definitely need an art-centric customer following and CraftyFever lets you do that effectively. We promote ETSY products on Instagram and you get a community of relevant, profitable and niche customers.

CraftyFever.com lets you connect beyond time and place barriers. Nurturing your business and offering valuable products to consumers is the focal point for creating this place. We connect over social media and spread the warmth. It syncs with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and StumbleUpon. Richly networked and technologically connected, this place is a dream house.

At CraftyFever, you can get featured by paying a nominal fees and it will open a wide world of customers for your products. Our Instagram already has vast following of handicraft lovers, art lovers and ETSY product buyers. You can leverage on this already well built following and feature your products to a wider customer base. Get featured on Instagram and our blog and let the world know about your brilliant ETSY shop.

There are huge opportunities to grow and have access to buyers which otherwise would not follow your shop. For consumers, it’s delightful to find things that are rare, plush and valuable. It’s all available at CraftyFever – It’s like visiting a crafts exhibition sitting in your home.

This is a place to discover vintage items, handmade goods, creative supplies and innovative stuff that you cannot find anywhere else. Selling creative goods and reaching a broad assortment of customers is easy.

It creates a community that transcends barriers and lets you discover a surreal world of innovative goods and supplies. You may be a professional merchant, hobbyist, collector or it may be the beginning of your love for art, there is something to look forward to at CraftyFever.

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