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LA Pixie Wellness – All-natural health and wellness products

Birthday Gift Box

Trying to find high quality, 100% organic, and all-natural health and wellness products today easier and harder than ever before. On the one hand, folks all over the world are more serious now than ever before about taking care of their health, their skin, and their hair. There are a lot of products out there designed to cater to this market, with people having more options to pick and choose from today for sure. On the other hand, however, all…

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Frida Kahlo bag
Artwork Featured

MEGALAYAH – Printed canvas bags & art prints

This adorable little Etsy shop was originally conceived of as a bit of a hobby, a way for a professional web designer and developer to make the most of her favorite creative outlet – painting, creating, and bringing the…

Small PUZZLE box

Unique home decor and gifts from TransylvanyArt

If you’re interested in finding new places to shop for unique items at the Etsy platform, you’ll enjoy learning about TransylvanyArt. It’s a popular Etsy shop which specializes in offering Romanian puzzle boxes, jewelry boxes and home decor. Today,…

LaineyDesigns Etsy Shop for Bohemian Clothes and Accessories

LaineyDesigns Etsy Shop Review

If you love unusual clothing, beanies, tapestries and pillows, you should know that you’ll find some gorgeous styles with true bohemian flair at the LaineyDesigns Etsy shop. This shop earns strong and positive reviews and it’s a great place…

Woodland Jewelry
Featured Jewelry

CyKLu Jewelry – Etsy Shop Review

Unique jewelry which is made entirely by hand is always a pleasure to wear and you’ll find so many wonderful, nature-inspired pieces at the CyKLu Etsy shop. This exceptional jewelry shop is found at This online boutique is…

The Broken Feather Jewelry and Decor
Decoration Featured

The Broken Feather Etsy Shop Review

The Broken Feather Shop sells feather based items, not surprisingly… judging by their name! All items are very bohemian in feel and fit a certain trend that is nature based but meets Anthropologie in style. I love buying from…

UUPP Shop Review
Artwork Featured

UUPP Shop – Original Art for Home Decor and Gifts

Looking for Personalized Gifts on Etsy? UUPP really is uplifting when you look through their inventory, this sweet shop is located in Minnesota and really envelops that old saying about being: Minnesota Nice! What exactly do they offer? Well,…

Wedding sign
Featured Wedding

Personalized Gifts from AandFCrafts

If you’re looking for unique gift ideas which are made entirely by hand, you’ll love what the AandFCrafts Etsy Shop has to offer! This popular Etsy shop is based in Clacton, England and it currently has a five-star rating,…

build a profitable handmade business

Growing Your Handmade Business Live Workshop

We Love the Growing Your Handmade Business Live Workshop…You Will, Too! At Crafty Fever, we really believe in artisans and all that they contribute to society. As well, we support artisans who want to create full-time businesses by selling…

Promote and feature Etsy Products

Showcase Your Etsy Shop at

If you sell handmade items at Etsy, you need to let the world know about your beautiful and original designs! The smartest way to spread the word is by signing up at today. When you do so, we…