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Tips and Tricks

Why and How to Raise Your Etsy Prices?

etsy pricing rules

When you are sure of selling your products at the correct price, and the quality speaks for itself, you should charge a better price for your handmade products. After all, it is your effort that has manifested into a beautiful product. It is quite reasonable for everyone to charge lower than usual to attract customers. But, when you charge lower prices for your products you are stealing someone else’s customer. On top of it, you are degrading your efforts. Therefore,…

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Etsy Seo Tips for 2019
Tips and Tricks

Things You Should Know About Etsy SEO in 2019

Etsy is a web platform where people sell vintage, handmade, and craft items of high quality. The more traffic you attract, the more revenue you earn. It is not always possible to maintain the sales volume because the sales…

What to sell on Etsy in 2019
Tips and Tricks

The Most Selling Products on Etsy in 2018

Have you ever thought of creating a store on Etsy, but not sure what items to list? While Etsy is an excellent opportunity for creative and artistic people to develop into the eCommerce industry, it can sometimes turn unmanageable.…

How to use promoted listing on Etsy
Tips and Tricks

Top Tips for Etsy Promoted Listings in 2018

If you’re selling at Etsy and you want to bring more people to your Etsy shop, you may want to consider investing in Etsy Promoted Listings. Today, we want to share information about what promoted listings are, the overall…

How to take good photos of handbags
Tips and Tricks

Easy Tips on How to Take Good Photos of Handbags

If you’re interested in selling handbags at Etsy or another online platform, you should know that learning how to take wonderful photographs of them will help you to get more business. Our culture is increasingly image-centric. This means that…

Best tools and apps for Etsy sellers
Tips and Tricks

Best software for small craft businesses

In order to sell and present your product in the best way possible, you should most certainly work with computer software to enhance the appearance and likeability of your store – be it an internet-based store, or a physical…

Tips on Writing your Etsy Profile
Tips and Tricks

How to Write a Killer Bio on Etsy

Etsy is an e-commerce website with a peer-to-peer business model. It’s centered on showcasing vintage or handmade items and supplies, along with some factory-made items and supplies which fall into the “unique” category. Etsy was launched in the summer…

Top 9 Best Rustic Fonts in 2017
Tips and Tricks

Download Most Popular Rustic Fonts

Fonts are an excellent way to enhance your crafts or promote your online sites/stores. They subtly enhance and make vivid the important details you want to highlight – be it virtually or in real life on your created products.…

Top Tips for Welcoming Craft Fair Customers
Tips and Tricks

How to welcome a customer in vendor

Tips To Welcome Craft Fair Customers Getting ready for your next craft fair. Whether you are a craft fair veteran or it is your first time to go to one, you need to know some important steps about interacting…