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Top 8 Etsy Jewelry Photography Tips

Etsy jewelry photography tips

The best way to get potential buyers to notice your jewelry is by taking phenomenal pictures. It’s a key indicator for potential buyers of, not only the quality of your work, but if it’s something they’d actually wear. Below are the top eight Etsy jewelry photography tips to help boost your sales: 1. Lighting: Almost every serious Etsy seller swears by natural light for several reasons; it doesn’t give off the yellow hue many artificial sources do, you can usually…

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Can I make a living selling on Etsy
Tips and Tricks

Can I make a living selling on Etsy?

As rags-to-riches stories of people who became millionaires pursuing their hobby on the arts and craft marketplace Etsy makes headlines every other day, it may have triggered a curiosity in you, whether you can replicate those results or maybe…