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EnjoyTheWood is an Etsy store owned and operated by a young Ukrainian couple Maryna and Igor. The family business was founded by the couple along with Tolya and Tanya, parents of Maryna. The store sells unique wooden gifts with a plethora of engraving options. You may shop for custom wooden craftworks and you may also choose personalized gifts for most occasions. The company is based at Kyiv in Ukraine.

EnjoyTheWood is an interesting store for anyone who loves wooden artworks. The store sells more than just décor and novelty items. Many of their wooden masterpieces are utilitarian. Some are actually multipurpose. Maryna and Igor lead a team that includes Tanya as the assistant and curator, Tolya as the shipper, Masha as the wholesale manager, Marina and Svetlana in charge of customer service, Alexander as the principal product designer and Eugene who is also a product designer specializing in handmade wooden gifts.

Inventory of Enjoy The Wood Etsy Shop

The Etsy store has over three hundred unique wooden things to offer. There are American pop culture influenced gifts, including music boxes, decorative and novelty pieces. You can get a wooden world map, country map, city maps, recipe book or journal, wall clock and scrabble, comb, women jewelry, sunglasses, accessories for men, key chains, stands or docking stations, cutting board, memorial gifts and Christmas decoration. The store has more than ten thousand fans and has already clocked nearly twenty thousand sales.

The Beauty of Unique Wooden Things

Wood is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful materials available in the world. It is also one of the easiest to work with for handmade artworks. Handcrafted wooden gifts are valuable and durable. They are worth cherishing and often become an heirloom. The sheer elegance and sophistry of most of the unique wooden things available at EnjoyTheWood will impress any and sundry who have even a tinge of interest in handmade artworks and crafts.

The world maps are intricately designed, the country maps are amazingly accurate and the city maps are so extensively designed that they will make you marvel. You can choose any major world city and not just one in any specific country. The music boxes are sturdy and decorative but also utilitarian. They have engravings of popular culture. The cutting boards are solid and reliable. They too come with distinct engravings. The earrings for women, the cufflinks or bowties and card holders for men, the journals, notebooks, recipe books and guest books are truly indelible, the wall clocks are a delight for the eyes and the combs are rather cool for people regardless of age and gender.

The stands and docking stations are practical. They are chic and elegant at the same time. Many docking stations are appropriate for multiple items, including phone, wallet, wristwatch and keys among others. The sunglasses are aesthetic and durable, the memorial gifts are for the ages and Christmas decorations are simple and nostalgic, completely capturing the flavors of the festivity. All handmade unique wooden gifts at EnjoyTheWood are crafted with care. The engravings are of the finest quality. The products are durable and more than worth the prices.

Policies of EnjoyTheWood

EnjoyTheWood ships worldwide including the United States, Canada, Mexico, India, the United Kingdom, most of Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Asia Pacific and Oceania, Latin America, North Africa, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. The shipping time varies from country to country. The United States, the United Kingdom and much of Europe have the shortest shipping times. The store accepts Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover. Shoppers can also use PayPal. The store has a returns policy if contacted within a fortnight from the date of delivery and if the items are shipped back within a month from delivery.

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