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A Review Of The Homegrown Shadowbox Art

Sometimes when reviewing shops on Etsy we get to see new takes on old art forms. Take as an example the shadowbox. Shadowboxes have been around for a long time. A great art form that combines any number of elements into a cohesive whole, the shadowbox is an incredible statement piece. Recently when reviewing Etsy stores, we came across Homegrown Shadowbox Art. What makes them worthy of recognition by us? Let’s take a moment to review why they stand out as a shop and why you should strongly consider their business.

Homegrown Shadowbox Art – Shadowbox Arts & Crafts.

Homegrown Shadowbox Art is a company designed around creating small worlds inside shadow boxes.

Specifically, Homegrown Shadowbox Art brings together combines natural elements, music, leaves, flowers, bark, and vintage paper into beautiful works of art. Every box offered by Homegrown Shadowbox Art is its own adventure, just waiting for you to climb in and investigate. Shadowboxes are arranged into small shadowboxes, Christmas shadowboxes, bookmarks, poetry shadowboxes, key chains, and ornaments.

Every shadowbox designed by Homegrown Shadowbox Art comes with a specific theme.

Numerous photos of the shadowbox are taken from every angle to give you a sense for what it will look like. Dimensions are provided as well to ensure that what you purchase will fit in the space you plan to put it. An extensive materials list is included, providing information on every single thing included. A detailed description is provided as well.

A World Inside Every Box.

Shadowboxes will range from as low as around $15 to upwards of $60+ depending on the materials used, the size of the shadowbox, and the time it takes to make it.

Based out of North Canton Ohio, Homegrown Shadowbox Art is just over a year old. Run by Robyn Martins, the shop has gradually grown over this time, becoming a favorite shop of more than 400 people and getting upwards of 30 sales.

With 7 comments and a 5 star rating, Homegrown Shadowbox Art manages to provide a fantastic product, despite the complexity of the product they are dealing with. With a constantly changing list of available work and new pieces constantly being added to what is available, you are bound to find something you want in this interesting media form. If you are new to this media and want to go with a company you can trust or you are familiar and want additional pieces to add to your interior aesthetic or collection, the Homegrown Shadowbox Art is the right shop for you.

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