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Just Tricote: Warm Scarves With a Touch of History

Geometic Fabric Cowl Scarf

Wow! When I found the amazing JustTricote etsy shop, I simply fell in love with the bright colors, beautiful prints, and classy yet timeless designs of the scarves and sweaters available there.

Every scarf was unique and one of a kind – I didn’t see a bit of duplication anywhere! If you love a good Infinity Scarf, this is definitely the shop for you. Uniqueness is celebrated here, with yarn to create these wonderful scarves purchased handspun and hand-dyed from other Etsy shops, some yarn that comes from other countries – and yet more that is traditionally manufactured. No matter where the yarn comes from, each is woven into a fascinating and interesting piece by the fascinating owner.

One of the neatest points with this shop is that each individual piece has a custom design and also a vintage or antique button added to it somewhere for personality. You can tell that the owner really enjoys taking the time to custom-match different yarn to the buttons, and a great deal of time is spent making sure that each piece stands out from the rest. There is a sense of history that goes along with these buttons, and it is such a fun concept – to incorporate the past – if the button was on a uniform, a blouse, or a dress.

The owner’s love of languages is also represented in the name of the business, which is French for ‘knitted’. She definitely spreads warmth and joy with these fun and fanciful scarves and infinity scarves. Here’s a hot tip to keep in mind for the New Year: the owner is going to start making gloves, socks and even more hats in the very near future! Definitely something you’ll want to keep in mind when you’re shopping around for ways to stay warm this year. You will love the designs, and love the concept behind this Etsy shop even more!

Visit Just Tricote on Etsy!

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