LaineyDesigns Etsy Shop Review

LaineyDesigns Etsy Shop for Bohemian Clothes and Accessories

If you love unusual clothing, beanies, tapestries and pillows, you should know that you’ll find some gorgeous styles with true bohemian flair at the LaineyDesigns Etsy shop. This shop earns strong and positive reviews and it’s a great place to enjoy the creative skills of the shop’s owner, Tanya, who is a self-taught artist. She utilizes photographs and Photoshop in order to create modern-day masterpieces. Tanya works out of Calgary, Alberta.

Choose the LaineyDesigns Etsy Shop for Bohemian Clothes and Accessories

Discover LaineyDesigns Product Highlights

Some of the clothing designs at this Etsy shop are the ideal music festival wardrobe! For example, a floaty dress in bright violet, which is made from eco-poly and spandex and adorned with a psychedelic, Indian-inspired print, is perfect for dancing! There are also fashionable leggings at this shop which come in an array of colors and patterns. We also love this shop’s decorative pillows. They’ll add eclectic style to any home interior. These pretty cushions are also great choices to decorate couches for guests at beauty salons, restaurants, cafes or yoga studios.

We find that items from LaineyDesigns are very well-made and we love the imagination of their creator. These clothes and accessories have a fantasy vibe, while still being very functional. Also, they are competitively-priced, so getting your hands on gorgeous handmade items won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Since Tanya uses Photoshop in order to create unique patterns for her materials, these handmade items definitely have a strong signature.

Even if you don’t like hippie-inspired designs, you’ll find something to adore at LaineyDesigns. For example, this shop offers cute dresses covered in hearts, as well as leggings in fun colors which are covered in cheery polka dots. While the overall vibe of the shop is bohemian, the creator of these items definitely lets her imagination pull her in some other directions now and then.

Treat Yourself To Canadian Quality

The shop’s creator gets inspired by the Canadian beauty that is all around her. If you’ve been to Canada, you probably feel the same way about this gorgeous country and its starry night skies, unspoiled wilderness areas and gorgeous rivers and lakes. Canada is a place of great natural beauty and its beauty is a reference point in many designs found at LaineyDesigns. When you order from this company today, you’ll be buying something which is uniquely Canadian.

Now is the right time to check out LaineyDesigns for yourself. There is quite a wide inventory and we love the color and pattern choices. There is also a striking wolf tapestry which is definitely Canadian-inspired and a beautiful thing to behold. Tanya captures the beauty of the wolf’s pelt and eyes in a very admirable way. Items from this shop also make great gift ideas.

As you can see, LaineyDesigns definitely has a lot to offer. It’s a place where the shop owner’s seamstress skills, designer flair and knowledge of high technology come together. We’re glad that Tanya learned Photoshop while pursuing photography. It meant that she was able to learn a skill that she could use in order to print out her own fabrics.

Since the shop gets great ratings and offers a host of well-made items with a special look and feel, we encourage you to drop by this Etsy shop today. You’ll find that there is so much to choose from. Since prices are good, you may want to consider ordering more than one item. We recommend choosing a floaty dress for a festival and a pair of interesting leggings to go underneath. Then, you’ll be ready to express your own bohemian style as you listen to the music and enjoy yourself. Visit Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LaineyDesigns

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