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Artwork Decoration

The ClayCupShop – Cards. Clay. Canvas. Coffee.

Watercolor cards

Here at Crafty Fever, we are always on the hunt for the latest and greatest talent on Etsy. That often means going through the thousands of stores and searching for that rare quality that separates the best from the great shops we look at. Recently, the site ClayCupShop caught our eye as it has managed that rare blend of creativity, functionality, and whimsy that we love. Let’s take a moment to review the ClayCupShop as well as its owner and…

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Japanese thank you cards
Accessories Artwork

Handmade cards and envelopes – DesignedbyAnneliese

Wondered about the handmade cards, tags, envelopes, embellishment, confetti, felt decoration, bracelets and so on. Today we are ecstatic to present you about Esty shop DesignedbyAnneliese. This shop is awesome with variety of products. This is one of the…