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The ClayCupShop – Cards. Clay. Canvas. Coffee.

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Here at Crafty Fever, we are always on the hunt for the latest and greatest talent on Etsy. That often means going through the thousands of stores and searching for that rare quality that separates the best from the great shops we look at. Recently, the site ClayCupShop caught our eye as it has managed that rare blend of creativity, functionality, and whimsy that we love. Let’s take a moment to review the ClayCupShop as well as its owner and creator Sarah Vogel.

The ClayCupShop – Cards. Clay. Canvas. Coffee.

Though new, the ClayCupShop has already made a splash with its signature take on customized products perfect for your home. The tree and sweater mugs offer us something rarely if ever seen available for purchase and include talent and craftsmanship in every item sold. The cards demonstrate a range of styles that are signature ways for you to say ‘congratulations’ or ‘thank you.’ Card designs are blank on the inside and come with 4 envelopes for you to customize as you see fit. Subject matter includes sea creatures, animals wearing glasses, cars, coffee creations, and fruit wearing glasses. The ClayCupShop also has for sale larger watercolor prints for hanging and display.

While the ClayCupShop has only been open in 2016, it has already gotten the attention of many customers who report being very satisfied with their purchases. Along with extensive information on every product and shipping and policy information, products include photos that manage to capture the full range of detail given to every product. Ranked 5 out of 5 stars in customer satisfaction, the ClayCupShop has a lot going for it as it continues to expand its line of available products.

Owner & Operator, Sarah Vogel.

Creativity is nothing new to Sarah Vogel. With a love towards artistic endeavors that transcend medium, Sarah Vogel opened ClayCupShop to make available some of her creations. Regularly doing work in watercolor, clay, and colored pencil, Sarah enjoys bringing to life works of art that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. In doing so, the objects she sells through the ClayCupShop provide practicality that makes their beauty easy to enjoy.

A Summary:

If you are in the market for beautiful watercolor prints and cards, or unique mugs, then consider ClayCupShop. Offering the best of what is available, Sarah continues to expand her ability and skill. Providing for you an ever widening list of handmade specialty items for you to consider.

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