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Tips for Selling Craft Supplies on Etsy

Tips for Selling Craft Supplies on Etsy

Etsy is a place where artisans congregate online, with a mind to selling their creations. It’s also a place where buyers come to see what’s new and purchase handmade items and related products. Etsy is hugely popular and it attracts so many people each and every day.

In particular, it’s a place that “crafters” love! They find like-minded people at Etsy and they get inspired by the handmade items which are displayed at an array of Etsy shops. In fact, they may get so inspired that they want to find craft supplies at Etsy and then make handmade items of their own.

There is definitely a strong market for craft supplies on Etsy and this is why we recommend selling these products via your own Etsy shop. Many people make great money doing so and also enjoy selling the types of products that they love to use. If you’re crafty, this is a business opportunity which may be very fulfilling. Today, we’d like to share some information about how to sell craft supplies successfully.

Sell craft supplies on Etsy

How to sell craft supplies on Etsy successfully

Create a Brand Image

Yes, you’ll need high-quality craft supplies. However, a lot of people do sell good craft supplies on Etsy. In order to stand out, you will need to create a strong brand. You’ll need to set yourself apart from other, similar Etsy shops. This means coming up with the perfect name for your shop, writing an interesting bio which lets visitors know important facts about you and creating a logo for your business. Your logo will be a sort of “profile pic” for your shop.

The name that you choose should relate to what you sell. It should make it easier for people who want craft supplies to find you in Google searches and in searches within Etsy. When you’re making a business plan, spend some time finding the right name.

Look at what other craft supplies sellers on the platform have done in terms of branding. See which ones get rave reviews and seem to attract a lot of business. These craft supply sellers are on the right track and using their branding approach as a template will be smart. Of course, you may add your own thing on top of it. However, it’s smart to check out competitors as you may learn a lot from them and use what you learn in order to grab some of their market share.

Sell and Promote Your Supplies

Once you have your shop set up, move forward by stocking it with your craft supplies. Some people access these supplies wholesale, via suppliers in other areas or abroad. If you’re still collecting products to sell, be sure to shop around extensively. After all, you’ll need to mark up the prices of these craft supplies in order to turn a profit, unless you’re actually making the craft supplies on your own. Homemade craft supplies of very high quality are probably what most customers are looking for. If you create these, you’ve already got the Etsy spirit and you’ll likely do very well.

After you stock your shop with products, and price your products (try to turn at least ten percent profit), it will be time to open your virtual doors and go into business. Since you’ll be unknown, we recommend promoting your new Etsy shop aggressively online. Prepare for launch day by letting friends and family on social media know that you are going to open a new shop. When launch day rolls around, be sure to post a link to your new shop, along with information abut your craft supplies and all that your new company has to offer.

You’ll need to keep marketing, day in and day out, in order to carve out your own customer base. Some people pay for Facebook ads or pay-per-click campaigns in order to drum up more business. Others rely on word of mouth and/or product quality in order to get ahead. In general, the more care and effort you put into marketing your Etsy business, the better. You will need to work, but you’ll find that expert marketing is a vital piece of the puzzle.

Also, be sure to connect with crafting fans on message boards and elsewhere online. You shouldn’t spam these places with links. However, becoming close to others who make crafts will help you to move your business forward. Hope you like our tips for selling craft supplies on Etsy!

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