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Top Tips for Etsy Promoted Listings in 2018

How to use promoted listing on Etsy

If you’re selling at Etsy and you want to bring more people to your Etsy shop, you may want to consider investing in Etsy Promoted Listings. Today, we want to share information about what promoted listings are, the overall benefits of promoted listings and how to maximize the value of promoted listings in 2018.

How to use promoted listing on Etsy the right way?

Once you’ve gotten the inside scoop on this Etsy Web marketing initiative, you’ll have a clearer sense of whether or not it’s right for you.

What Are Etsy Promoted Listings, Anyway?

Have you heard of pay-per-click campaigns, such as Google AdWords? Well, Etsy Promoted Listings are delivered according to the same type of business model.

When you sign up for Etsy Promoted Listings, you’ll be participating in a “cost per click” (CPC) campaign, whereby you pay based on the amount of times that people click on your advertisements. Your ads are promoted listings and they will show up in Etsy search results.

You won’t pay based on the number of times that your advertisements appear in Etsy search results. The amount of times that ads appear in the search engine is known as the amount of impressions. This is good news. However, there are more benefits to choosing Etsy promoted listings!

Key Benefits of Etsy Promoted Listings

Etsy is now a more competitive marketplace than it’s ever been before. Based on 2017 statistics, Etsy has fifty-four million active users and just over thirty million active buyers. Sellers from Etsy come from eighty-three different countries.

Since there are so many people enjoying Etsy and so many artisans offering handmade goods at the platform (in addition to sellers who are offering vintage items for sale), and since these sellers come from all over the world, Etsy buyers have tons of options. To succeed at the platform, you’ll need to make your Etsy shop stand out. Otherwise, it is likely to get lost in the shuffle.

Smart entrepreneurs know that cost-effective Web marketing is the key to attracting new customers and getting more conversions. One of the most cost-effective ways to get more traffic at Etsy is to participate in the Etsy Promoted Listings program.

The primary benefit of Etsy Promoted Listings is that these listings will put your items in front of the types of people who want to buy them. By promoting your listings, you’ll be eligible to show up in certain spaces within the internal search engine results at the official Etsy website. You’ll also get your ads out there to people who use Etsy’s app on their mobile devices.

How to Get Great Results From Promoted Listings

If you’re planning to run an Etsy Promoting Listings ad campaign in 2018, you’re making a good business decision. However, you’ll need to set up your campaign correctly. One of the most important tips to follow is to focus on promoting items which are already best sellers. When you choose to showcase products for which there has already been proven demand, you’ll be able to boost the effectiveness of your promoted ads.

Your ads will entice new customers, because they will feature items that are already winners at your Etsy Shop. To decide which items to promote, crunch the numbers. Look at your stats and see which items get the best conversion rates. For example, if you’ve used promoted listings at Etsy in the past, is there an item that you sell one of for every fifty clicks?

This is the type of item that you should feature in your ads. If you haven’t used Etsy Promoted Listings in the past, choose an item that does get strong sales. If your existing customers love a particular item, it may also appeal to other people who use Etsy in order to find vintage or handmade items.

As a rule of thumb, you should shoot for spending one dollar on promoted listings for every four bucks that you make from your promoted listing conversions. Keep this in mind as you track the success of your campaign.

Another strategy is to create a maximum price per click for bids of the automatic type. Etsy doesn’t suggest this, but we find that it works well. Etsy would prefer that you spend a lot of cash by selling bids that are really high and paying plenty per click. It’s in Etsy’s best interest that you spend a lot.

To protect and grow your Etsy business, you will need to be sensible about limits. So, you should set a maximum cost per click. Some people set a maximum of twenty-five cents. Other set a maximum of five cents. Scale your maximum to the value of your items. If they are inexpensive, a nickel makes sense. If they are more costly, a quarter makes sense.

Plan an Etsy CPC Campaign Today

Promoted Listings at Etsy are a great way to show new people everything that is special and unique about your items. If you want a successful Etsy shop which does brisk business, rather than getting sporadic sales, then investing in this type of Web marketing campaign will be a wise course of action, as long as you use our tips in order to create the sort of campaign that is likely to pay off for your business.

Promoted Listings for 2018 should showcase the best products and maximum bids per click should fit your marketing budget. When you keep these simple rules in mind, you’ll be able to create a wonderful campaign which helps you to make more money selling at Etsy.

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