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UUPP Shop Review

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UUPP really is uplifting when you look through their inventory, this sweet shop is located in Minnesota and really envelops that old saying about being: Minnesota Nice! What exactly do they offer? Well, with an inventory of almost 200 items, there isn’t much they don’t offer in terms of home décor and gift options. I’ve picked out a few of my favorite things.


Note cards are great to have on hand because there is nothing more special than the written word. Today everything is digital and impersonal, but think about keeping sweet notecards that say: Bon Appetit in your kitchen and stick them to cookies you take into work or deliver to an ill friend or neighbor. An artistic, personal touch goes a long way. Not to mention, notecards make adorable and easy gifts.

Canvas Art

Affordably priced and original canvas art is hard to find, but UUPP sells it and the cute design style of the shop really shines in its art. Some is made for the kitchen but some would work really well in a nursery with sweet quotes from The Wizard of Oz and other delicate childlike themes. There is a section of the shop devoted to nurseries, as well as family and home—just click on the tabs to organized what it is you are looking to buy. I find that even home art can be used in nurseries and grow with your child.

Framed Art Prints

Looking for cheap framed art prints with clever quotes or fun images? It is an emerging trend and easily changed out as décor—UUPP has a nice range of art prints that are funny and cozy to add an extra personal touch to your home or to give as a housewarming gift.

Woodblock Art

Woodblock art is cute in nurseries or as general home décor that adds dimension and texture to a room. UUPP has kitchen themed puns, Bible verses (there is a faith based art section) and nursery themed woodblock are – all of which could be used as add-ons to gifts.

Something great about UUPP – possibly the best part – is that they personalize items for the buyer, this shop owner flexibility is perfect for those who are looking to give a gift and want to make it extra special. You see something you love but wish it were more personal they will do it; for gifts, nothing slightly compares!

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