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The 10 Rising Talents of Etsy in 2017

The Best Up-and-coming Etsy Artists in 2017 

Whether you are looking for a casual trendy outfit, or a new glamorous painting to hang in your living room – Etsy conveniently has it all! With almost 55 million active users, it isn’t a surprise that you can find almost everything on the website. This, however can make it hard to find something specific. Being an active member of Etsy, here are my Top 10 rising talents of Etsy, with their unique charms to accommodate some of top interests.

The Best Up-and-coming Etsy Artists in 2017

1. Leonid Afremov @ AfremovArtStudio

Leonid Afremov AfremovArtStudio

Leonid Afremov’s studio is one of Etsy’s gems – his paintings have a unique, colourful vibe to them, and are easily recognizable. The bright and wonderful color schemes give a light-hearted romantic vibe to his work, which are much popular at Etsy. He is now celebrating his 10th anniversary, and has sold over 15,000 paintings!

2. Liudmila Pisliakova @ myhArt4you

Liudmila Pisliakova myhArt4you

One of my definite favorites on Etsy, myhArt4you is a lovely store that has much to offer – different types of oil paintings depicting wonderful landscapes (Japanese and British), as well as the abundance of still life is sure to reel any artist lover in. An interesting feature regarding Liudmila’s work is the silverpoint technique which some of her works use – the same one as Leonardo da Vinci used, when drawing in silver, and allowing it to oxidize and change color over time! Definitely keep a look out for her new, impressive works (because they are on a different level than the majority of the art amateurs who cover almost 15 pages of search results, sadly)!

3. Ella Saridi @ Suibokuga

Ella Saridi Suibokuga

I have always been a huge fan of Japanese culture, especially calligraphy and paintings/images of Japanese scenery – whereas Suibokuga combines the two neatly and lovely together! Ella is an extremely talented Suibokuga artist, and her popularity on Etsy thus doesn’t come as a surprise – her works stand out with techniques she learned in Japan, and are perfect for gift purposes! Definitely worth a ‘favourite’ and a ‘follow’!

4. Laura Young @ VintiqueTree

Laura Young VintiqueTree

I am a definite vintage item lover, and Laura’s store is just a wonderful addition to anyone with the same tastes! Selling interesting items that can be used for interior decorative purposes – there are definite ‘keepers’ – just like the ones used in film props for Downtown Abbey and the likes, makes the store really unique and lovely. Worth a favorite for those who are vintage fans!

5. L Hanlon @ Seawatergreen

L Hanlon Seawatergreen

L Hanlon’s shop is a rising gem in the Etsy community – the paintings follow one simple theme – that of British ocean and sea scenery, and have a lovely, warm reminiscent vibe in all of the works. For those who hold certain images and sceneries dear to them, this might be a new go-to favorite! The prices are reasonable, and thus can be used as a perfect gift!

6. Koby Feldmos @ KobyFeldmos

Koby Feldmos KobyFeldmos

Koby Feldmos is quite a known and unique artist in the Etsy artist community – he was recently featured as the ‘feedback artist of the month’, and thus saw a great rise in his popularity and art sales. His distinct point technique is very popular with people of all ages, which thus explain his incredible over-3000 sale numbers. He has included a “Gift idea” category for anyone who is interested!

7. Wendy Liu @ HuiXinZhaiArtStudio

Wendy Liu HuiXinZhaiArtStudio

Wendy Liu should definitely become a go-to for abstract and modern lovers – the splash of colors accompanied by the soothing blends are extremely trendy and popular in the buyer community of Etsy. Wendy is definitely a rising favorite within many buyers and is worth checking out if you’re looking for a more modern improvement in the house!

8. andi lucas @ AndiJLucas

andi lucas AndiJLucas

This is one of my personal favorites – due to the cuteness and the general loveliness of andi lucas’s store itself. You can find items ranging from semi-vintage to a modern cute trendy outfit, to some wonderful decorations for your house – the style of the shop fits perfectly with what a lot of people are looking for nowadays, and thus makes it an excellent reason to follow and favorite for further updates!

9. Carla Del Bianco @ CarlaDelBianco

Carla Del Bianco CarlaDelBianco

If you’re talking about rising gems, it would be a shame not to include Carla Del Bianco’s store – although she doesn’t have many sales, her works range from many different styles, and there was many a time where I would look through her store, and almost certainly find something unique and different! Her store includes prints, paintings and still life – so this might be of interest to artist lovers, hopefully she can become a rising gem at Etsy in no time! I wish her the best of luck!

10. Robert McCormick @ RobsCyclingArt

Robert McCormick RobsCyclingArt

Last but not least, knowing how popular cycling as a sport and leisure activity is becoming in Europe and the US, I have included this absolutely unique but charming store, in the hopes that some of you might find this to suit your interesting. Rob’s store includes scenes of cycling with stunning, beautiful backgrounds at the back, and is worth checking out! Hopefully, he too can become a wonderful rising Etsy gem in no time!

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