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Best Selling Wedding Items on Etsy in 2016

Best Selling Wedding Items on Etsy in 2016

You probably already know that selling your handmade goods on Etsy can end up being quite a lucrative small business for you. There have been plenty of success for thousands of folks just like you who enjoy selling their crafts on the Etsy platform. One of the main handmade crafts or goods sold on Etsy are wedding favors. People are always looking for innovative and quirky ways to accent their wedding décor. If this is something you would like to learn more about to help your small Etsy business really begin to boom, feel free to read onward about the most purchased wedding favors on Etsy in 2016.

The Most Purchased Wedding Favors on Etsy in 2016

1.) Wedding Envelope Templates

Etsy Wedding Bestsellers - Envelope Templates

Creating your own type of unique wedding envelope template for your Etsy shop.

Are you rather technologically inclined with HTML or Word? If so, creating your own type of unique wedding envelope template for Etsy buyers to be able to download in the convenience of their own home and print their wedding envelopes with might be the fast selling item you’ll be able to produce!

If you are unsure of how to go about doing so, there are a vast expanse of YouTube types of tutorials or books available to properly instruct you quickly and efficiently!

2.) Wedding Cupcake Toppers

Top Selling Wedding Cupcake Toppers

Create interesting and unique wedding cupcake toppers!

Edible acrylic wedding cake toppers are getting more and more inventive as the months go by. Deriving their interesting and unique form from different types of typography and other types of ceramic figurines, these are sure to awe the guests of your buyer’s wedding party without worrying if it’s going to break like the old fashioned ceramic wedding cake toppers so often have.

3.) Wedding Gift Bags

Etsy Wedding Bestsellers - Linen Bags

These little goodie gift bags are a quaint and perfect addition to your wedding! Check out more of these at

Made from linen, burlap, hemp, and many other types of materials, these little goodie gift bags are a quaint and perfect addition to all of your buyer’s guest tables to put mints or any other type of keepsake trinkets in. These go without question as to why they are one of the most purchased wedding favors on Etsy!

4.) Customized Wedding Wine Glasses

Customized Wine Glasses - Best selling Etsy Items

Ensure that your buyer’s wedding guests are not only drinking the best, but drinking out of the best.

We all know that a wedding isn’t really a wedding without some great drinks. Ensure that your buyer’s wedding guests are not only drinking the best, but drinking out of the best. Custom made wine glasses can be made to have your wedding date imprinted along with the name of bride and groom, or anything else that they might want on the glass.

The options are virtually limitless. This is also a type of handmade project that is incredibly easy to do with the ease of heat-applied letters as well as washable stickers available at most craft stores!

5.) Handmade Mini Soaps

Etsy Wedding Bestsellers - Mini Soaps

The process of creating handmade soap is very user friendly and easy! Everyone can do it!

Nothing creates a memory quite like the imprint of a certain scent. The creation of little handmade mini soaps for your buyer’s wedding guests will definitely ensure that the memory is as sweet as the scent of the soap for them. Each of the ingredients needed to produce these cute little mini soaps are available at most craft stores.

In addition to that, the process required to create the soap is very user friendly and just about anyone over the age of six is able to create their own soap using this method!


Handmade goods are certainly going to add a very distinctive and modern touch to such a classic and beautiful tradition such as a wedding.

This is something that everyone is looking for as they plan their wedding nowadays. While there are many different paths to creatively walk down in order to create the very best types of wedding favors for your buyers, these are just the leading five out of all of them. The different types of wedding favor ideas that are available for you to pair your creativity with are as vast as your customization options!

Another thing that you may want to keep in mind to definitely keep watch of changing trends and what kind of pattern they are going in. That way, you can stay on top of the creative game by being able to provide exactly what your customers want by having them ready to go. This not only lessens the waiting period for your customers, but will ensure that they recommend your Etsy shop with its’ fast turnaround rate.

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