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5 Must Do’s to Get Your Baby Item on Etsy’s Best Sellers List

Baby Item on Etsy Best Sellers List

Welcome to the fun world of online selling and buying. I am more of a buyer, myself. But, I like to talk to sellers and give them my buyers’ opinion. Customer satisfaction is priority, right? So, you must be interested in selling items on Etsy. How exciting! First of all, congratulations for being so creative and for just believing in yourself to start an Etsy shop. You have gotten the hard part down- just getting started. But once you get established, it is time to take it to the next level… drum roll… the best sellers list.

Let us explore 5 ways to get your baby item on Etsy’s best sellers list.

1. You must believe in yourself and your shop.

For starters, you have to believe in yourself and your shop. Norman Vincent Peale explains this better than I can. He quoted, “Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.” Is that not just beautiful and so motivating? With just that tip alone, I am sure that you will elevate your baby product to one of the best selling baby items on Etsy. Be confident but humble. Learn from criticism, but remember the compliments that others give you. Do your best. It may take time, but do not give up. Starting an Etsy shop is a brave endeavor. You are sharing your creations with the world; hoping people love your work enough to invest in you. And, they will if you follow the next four steps. Reading this article is putting you right on your way.

Get your baby item on Etsy's best sellers list.2. You must be selling the “right” item.

The problem is that I cannot necessarily tell you what the “right” item is, but pay attention to trends. With every year and even every season comes a new trend. Winter may bring comfy baby blankets or crocheted sleep sacks. In the summer, floral hair bows and head wraps may be trending. Perhaps canvases with quotes or other wall décor may be popular year round, but even so the design trends and color schemes will change as fads and styles move in and out. Ultimately to produce a best selling baby item on Etsy, you have to be selling an item that is craved by mommas with little ones. You cannot sell an item that is “so last year” and expect it to hit the top charts. Keep up with the latest trends. Sell the right item at the right time and you will be successful.

3. You must advertise your item effectively.

Now after you have gotten the trendy item on the market at the hottest time, you have to strategize your marketing techniques. Your product will only look as good as you advertise it to look. Remember in a local store or shop someone can actually hold the item for themselves. Customers can pick the items up, evaluate them, take a photo of them to send out to get approval before buying, etc. When online shopping, such as on Etsy, there is a ton of room for doubt. You can only see a picture of the item (maybe not even the exact item that will be sent), just whatever picture the seller has taken of a model product. It can be dangerous to shop online and not truly know what you are going to have delivered at the doorstep. There is plenty of room for a swarm of trust issues to rise up in this business. My point is that you must advertise effectively. Take quality photos of your products. Maybe even take photos of them with baby models. Make it as easy to visualize in real time as possible, and show various angles, colors, sizes, styles, or variations. This will make it more appealing for someone to order. I will repeat it three times to make sure you remember- take quality photos, take quality photos, take quality photos. Okay, I think you get the picture now (no pun intended).

4. You must have a competitive price.

Money talks, right? Maybe that doesn’t fit here… Anyways, make sure that your price fits your product and your product fits your price. If you are charging more than other shops or even other department stores selling similar products, you will likely not get a high number of sales. Ensure that your prices are competitive but that they make sense. If you are going to charge more than others do, make it obvious why your product deserves more “moolah”. Perhaps your product is of better material or easier to clean or whatever. Regardless of the reason, make sure to sell your product and sell the price.

5. You must be a well-liked shop.

Lastly but certainly not least, make sure that your shop is a likeable shop on Etsy. Your popularity will come mostly from favorites and reviews. Your will depend on good reviews. I will tell you a quick personal story about an Etsy shop review encounter that I had, and perhaps it will explain this number five tip well for you.

I ordered a product once that I was going to ship to a friend as a gift. My friend claimed that she never received the order. Not really caring, I gave this shop a poor review and did not fully express a reason why. I simply just put a low amount of stars out of the five star possible review. Almost immediately I got a private message from the shop owner. She reached out asking why the review was poor. I explained the situation to her and she offered to fix the problem if I would change the review. Although I felt like this was a strange request, I edited my review and she resent the product. I received it and all was well. Now, I realize why that was so important. My one poor review could have affected her entire shop’s success.

Good luck, Etsy sellers! You’ve got this!

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