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Beautifully Felted – Felt embroidery hoops

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A Review Of The Etsy Shop Beautifully Felted.

Etsy has it all. From small shops specializing in very specific things to larger stores that have grown and expanded over time, Etsy has been a hub of innovation for much of the online DIY craft market. It is one reason why we love it so much! Going online every day we discover an incredible range of things we would never have thought of on our own. Every year it only gets better. With all of this in mind, we make it our goal to present the Etsy shops that manage to stand out from the rest of the competition and truly shine. In particular, we are interested in sharing with you a recent find of ours, Beautifully Felted. Let’s review what makes them worth both our time and your time.

Beautifully Felted – Felt Embroidery Hoop & Felt Friends Handmade With Love.

Beautifully Felted is a shop specifically oriented towards creating a range of handmade felt embroidery hoops an plush friends.

The end result is simple and beautiful. Products include hair bows, headbands, wreaths, plush toys, dolls, flowers and bouquets, and embroidery hoop art. Every item is lovingly hand made, and shows an incredible amount of care and attention paid to them. In addition to the products that are listed online, you can also place custom orders by contacting the storeowner directly. While a little more, it is the best way to get something special and unique. Orders are available both within the United States and abroad.

A definite bonus of Beautifully Felted is how all the information for purchases, production times, and shipping are clearly labeled.

Products are beautifully shot, providing multiple angles for every item created. Lighting is well done, allowing for a true sense of what the colors will look like. Products typically range between $10 and $30 dollars, though especially small or large items will be less or more respectively.

DIY Crafts At Its Best.

Well regarded, Beautifully Felted is still pretty small when it comes to the number of ratings and sales that it has accumulated.

That being said, with 22 reviews so far, they have managed a 5 star rating and numerous positive reviews. Along with providing exactly as advertised, the owner and operator of the shop has done a fantastic job packaging and shipping to a range of destinations. What it all comes down to is felt.

If you or someone you love likes felt a lot, then Beautifully Felted is the perfect store for your needs.

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