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The Most Selling Products on Etsy in 2018

What to sell on Etsy in 2019

Have you ever thought of creating a store on Etsy, but not sure what items to list? While Etsy is an excellent opportunity for creative and artistic people to develop into the eCommerce industry, it can sometimes turn unmanageable.

Etsy, being an online eCommerce website, allows all types of merchants. If imagination and ingenuity are the significant parts of your life and what items sell best on Etsy is the only question in your mind, then this post will try to provide you a starting point.

What Sells Best on Etsy in 2018-2019? (Plus Bonus Tips for 2019)

With more than 25 million buyers from all over the world, Etsy has always been a vast marketplace for creators and makers. Around 1.6 million merchants sell superbly handcrafted goods and other services to this enormous number of buyers.

Can you beat this competition and make your products stand out of the crowd? Can you create something that would force us to add your product to the following list?

Of course, yes! It is possible if you are ready to create and follow a smart selling strategy.

Let’s take an example of the December month. In this month, almost all buying has to do with seasonal pieces, Christmas decor, or gifts. However, right after the end of Christmas, all buyers will gradually shift back to their usual routine. In January, most buyers think of creating goals, plans, and visions for a new year. So, what about selling planners, custom calendars, etc.?

In this post, we will take a look at the top 6 categories that did very well on Etsy in 2018, and possibly, prone to repeat their success in 2019 as well.

List of the best etsy categories
Top 6 categories that did very well on Etsy in 2018

Top Etsy Categories of 2018

No matter which items you plan to sell on Etsy, it is essential to re-consider your selling approach. Try to leverage seasonal changes and trends to help expand your Etsy shop to different buyers. Let it grow into different categories!

#1. Party Decorations

Whether it’s party printable or party banner, custom party decorations are undoubtedly one of the best selling items on Etsy. Most sellers on Etsy prefer to sell different things such as cupcake toppers, balloons, favor tags, wall decor, water bottle wrappers, and other customized gifts.

These attractive Birthday Party Cups are getting a massive response from buyers. As of now, the product has 21,058 positive ratings. It shows the popularity of this product among buyers. Another good example would be Party Paint Splatter Confetti which is trending these days and has around 6681 customer ratings.

If you want to earn significantly from this niche, then you must focus on catching many possible stems of this niche. It could be a baby shower, graduation party gifts, bridal shower, wedding, bachelor’s party gift, or birthday.

#2. Fitness Items (Healthy Food and Clean Living)

Fitness is a crucial part of everyone’s life. Most buyers look out for healthy food and clean living after gaining a few extra pounds around the belly. From a simple Oatmeal Spoon to a guide on Healthy Eating habits, sellers are getting a great response from buyers. You can turn imaginative and create an artistic piece of work like this one – Nutrition Poster.

Nutrition Poster – Healthy Food Art by LyonRoadArt

#3. Women’s Jewelry

Women’s Jewelry is one of the most selling categories on Etsy. Sellers can offer a wide range of products such as anklets, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and you name it. Moreover, each of these products comes with different designs, styles, and patterns. So you can imagine the diverse nature of this category.

Layered and Long, one of the most selling shops on Etsy, receives more than 170 orders per day. Isn’t it interesting? If you want to know why do we include this category in top-selling item’s list, then check out Personalized Pet Portrait Necklace or Personalized Bar Necklace.

#4. Home Decor (Furniture, Storage, and Organization)

After the end of festive seasons, a lot of households take a long breath and put their efforts on renewing their house decor. They carry out general home activities such as refreshing home decor, restoring furniture, or updating wall art. This trend lasts throughout the year, and yet, brings an opportunity for sellers.

Some of the best selling items in this category include Throw Pillows, Personalized Wood Sign, Woodland Art, and Door Knob Covers.

Throw Pillow – Home Sweet Home by PCBHome

#5. Back To School (Calendars, Pen set, and Hand-made Kid’s clothing)

We often get to see the trend of back-to-school supplies in the mid of August and September. However, this category can further expand to simple everyday school supplies such as pencil box, notebooks, personalized pen set. These supplies tend to do very well in September, but they can often catch more customers throughout the year. Some of the best selling supplies in this category include Color Pencils (Set of 10 pieces), Clipart Set, and Custom Stamp for Classwork.

#6. Stickers

You might wonder, but it’s true that stickers are one of the most trending products on Etsy. Many Etsy shops are doing a great job in this niche. They sell unique, attractive, and affordable stickers. You can check out Once More with Love shop on Etsy and imagine the number of sales per year.

If you dive deep into this category, you will notice that planner stickers are gaining more exposure than general stickers. Planner stickers are generic labels. They usually come in a pack of 30-50 stickers. Check out 48 Tiny and Clear Scale Planner Stickers and 30-Day Declutter Challenge Planner Stickers.

Final Thoughts: Etsy Best Seller Predictions for 2019

That’s all about the best selling products on Etsy in 2018. Now it’s time to predict whether these products will continue to succeed in 2019 too.

The answer is, Yes! All these products and their categories are evergreen, meaning that they will do well in 2019 also. You can get exceptional shrewdness and learn valuable tips by analyzing the products mentioned in the above list.

All these products have some crucial things in common:

  1. They have exceptional quality
  2. They are handmade
  3. They are personalized
  4. They have competitive prices

Get ready to set these thumb rules for your Etsy shop, and you will do better than ever!

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