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Huge List of Etsy Facebook Groups

Etsy Related Facebook Groups

Today we would like to share a huge list of most active and largest Etsy related groups on Facebook in 2016. Posting to Facebook groups is very easy and free method to attract new customers to your Etsy store. These groups are created to help craft sellers to promote their products and there’s a ton of them for you to join.

We’ve actually done quite a lot of testing and right now we’re using these groups to promote a few Etsy products from a working shop. What we’ve noticed is that all these sell groups are able to generate a significant amount of traffic. What was more surprising is that we even managed to get a few sales! Now we want to share this list with other sellers. So if you’re looking for a free ways to promote and grow your handmade business, consider joining these craft groups on Facebook to showcase your goods.

Many of these groups require admin approval to join. All you need is send a join request and wait a few days, then come back and start posting your products! We’re tried to select only most active, “alive” and largest groups. It is also not recommended to join a lot of groups in one day. Joining 2-4 groups per day is ideal.

List of The Best Etsy, Handmade & Craft Facebook Groups

  1. Etsy Facebook Group (5k members):
  2. The Craft Connection – Share.Shop.Sell (6.9k members):
  3. HANDMADE TO BUY AND SELL (17k members):
  4. ARTISANS (16k members):
  5. Handimaniacs – DIY • Handmade • Crafts (8k members):
  6. Etsy deals and promos (8k members):
  7. Handmade For Everyone Marketplace (5k members):
  9. Etsy Shoppers, Sellers, and Lovers! (10k members):
  10. Etsy Sellers…Unite!! (5k members):
  11. Etsians Promote (1.3k members):
  12. Etsy – Savvy Etsy Sellers (3k members):
  13. Etsy Fashion (7k members):
  14. Handmade & Small Businesses (3.8k members):
  15. HANDMADE DREAM (8.8k members):
  16. Handmade Saturday (7k members):
  17. Handmade creativity training and sharing (2.7k members):
  18. Handmade and Bespoke Gift Directory (12k members):
  19. Etsy Promotion Only (2.8k members):
  20. It`s Handmade (5k members):
  21. Creating Is Our Passion Handmade For YOU! (3.5k members)
  22. Etsy Fan Page Group (3k members):
  23. Show Your Etsy Shop Items for Buyers (5k members):
  24. Handmade (14k members) *not English:
  25. ETSY ME (6k members):
  26. SELL AND BUY HANDMADE (19k members):
  27. HandMade Craft Seller & Buyer (19k members):
  28. HANDMADE CREATIONS (14k members):
  29. Promoting All Good Things Handmade (7k members):
  30. Etsy – Daily Etsy Sales (10k members):
  31. Handmade Gifts (5k members):
  32. Etsy Sellers United (11k members):
  33. Arta si Creatie Handmade (14k members) *not English:
  34. Etsy Handmade Vintage Shop (5k members):
  35. *** (Handmade Sharing) *** (8k members):
  36. Handmade art and crafts for sale (10k members):
  37. Etsy & Crafts Buy & Sell (5k members):
  38. Addicted to Etsy (7k members):
  39. JUST HANDMADE (14k members):
  40. Etsy Shop (6.8k members)
  41. ETSY FASHION (8.8k members):
  42. Etsy Sellers and Buyers! (23k members):
  43. ETSY Stores and Ideas (6k members):
  44. Everything Handmade (4.5k members):
  45. My Etsy Shop (4.5k members):
  46. Etsy & Crafts USA Buy & Sell (7.7k members):
  47. Etsy Promotion Group (8.3k members):
  48. ETSY COUPON CODES AND MORE!! (1.6k members):
  49. Handmade Business Page Tips & Promotion (3.8k members):
  50. Handmade Just For You (3.8k members):
  51. Etsy Gift Ideas (4.7k members):
  52. Etsy Sales and promotions (4.4k members):
  53. Etsy Promo Love (11k members):
  54. Buy, Sell, and Promote Your Handmade Creations (6k members):
  55. Handmade Gallery (6k members):
  56. Handmade Groups – Etsy, Artfire, Bonanzle, Zibbet (3k members):
  57. handmade arts & crafts items for sale (3.5k members):
  58. Etsy Let’s get Noticed (3.5k members):
  59. Etsy & facebook handmade selling links (3.3k members):
  60. Etsy Buying & Selling (14k members):
  62. Pure Handmade (7.5k members):
  63. It’s Better Handmade Group (58k members):
  64. Handmade Jewelry (4k members):
  65. Handmade Gifts (8k members):
  66. Promote & Post all Etsy, Ebid & Onlineaution items here (4.2k members):
  67. Vintage & Handmade SELLERS AD GROUP (3.5k members):
  68. Handmade Pleasures (2.7k members):
  69. Etsy Sellers Promotion Network (3.2k members):
  70. Etsy Shopping Mall (16k members):
  71. Etsy Sellers & Buyers (2.4k members):
  72. Etsy School (3k members):
  73. Etsy Buy & Sell (5.4k members):
  74. Etsy Handmade-Vintage-Supplies (4.2k members):
  75. Sell & Buy Handmade Goods (5.5k members):
  76. Etsy! Etsy! Etsy! (7.1k members):
  77. Get Your Etsy Shop In Motion! (4.1k members):
  78. Etsy Shares And Favorites (2.5k members):

How to promote Etsy shop using Facebook groups?

The whole process is very simple. You need to have a Facebook account for that.

  1. First start joining groups. Join a maximum of 2-4 groups per day.
  2. If it’s a closed group, then you’ll need to wait for admin approval. It usually takes 2-3 days to get approved. (Remember to check out group rules, there might be some limits like only posting a few products per day e.t.c.)
  3. Start posting!

That’s the whole thing. Don’t limit yourself to just post links & photos, but try to communicate with other sellers and other community members.

Hope you liked this list! If we missed a group, feel free to suggest your links in the comments below.

We also suggest you to stay tuned for the future updates because we’re planning to cover more awesome things like most active Etsy related boards on Pinterest and most popular Etsy hashtags on Twitter.

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