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CozyCapes – Keep kids warm and safe

“CozyCapes – Keep kids warm and safe in their car seats and beyond.” It’s pretty tough for new parents to find fun, warm, and well-made pieces of clothing for their little ones that aren’t going to look exactly like the outfits that every other little one is wearing.

CozyCapes hopes to put an end to all of that headache by providing top-notch and uniquely designed ponchos that will make sure that your baby stays nice and toasty with one of the most stylish little outfits around!

Each and every one of these pieces are handmade and crafted to provide top-notch warmth without ever being bulky or cumbersome, guaranteeing that your baby gets do squiggle and wiggle just as much as they like without having to worry about sliding out of these capes or becoming too bunched up.

On top of that come each of these capes have been specifically designed and tailored to be perfectly comfortable and well fit while these children are in strollers, shopping carts, and car seats. If you’ve ever had to try and put a child in a car seat or a shopping cart with your traditional onesie that’s all kinds of bulky, you know just how much of a big benefit this can be!

And the style! We have to talk about how fun the styles of these CozyCapes are!

As we touched upon above, each and every one of these capes are handmade and uniquely designed in a variety of different styles that make sure that your children are going to look their best while also being protected from the elements.

There are fun little animal inspired CozyCapes, “high fashion” CozyCapes, and CozyCapes that are (surprise, surprise) very cozy – and all of them are going to be custom-made and fit in a variety of different sizes so that your child will be able to wear one that feels like a second skin.

It really doesn’t get any better than that!

This fun little Etsy shop is run by a wonderful Canadian woman who knows just how important it is to make sure that these little ones have closed that support their health and their well-being. While also looking absolutely fantastic at the same time.

The reviews for this shop are fantastic, and the odds are pretty good that you’re going to fall in love with your new CozyCapes the second that they get delivered.

Check out all of the CozyCapes already made and be sure to check back regularly to see new designs as they are unveiled.

Follow on Instagram @CozyCapes and check out Etsy shop!

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