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Top 10 Baby Stores on Etsy in 2017

Best Selling Baby Products on Etsy in 2017

Whether you are looking for some personalized baby blankets, to keep as a fond memory in the future, or a perfect baby shower gift for someone who you know, Etsy is an excellent platform to start your searches.

Baby stores are especially abundant, and most of them offer personalized items, which can make the present even more cute and special. Here are my top 10 baby stores on Etsy this year (that is to say, that there will be more to join in):

Best Selling Baby Products on Etsy in 2017

1. babyboos @ babyboos


Baby boos is definitely a cute little gem at Etsy, and is a good start for clothing items for babies – this shop has an immense number of sales, and its not surprising that these figures will continue to rise. They also offer Halloween and Christmas themed items, if you are looking for a present at specific times of the year. Offering personalized/custom orders, you can choose a blanket design and make it more special. Prices are reasonable, so this shop is a good starting point for gifts (particularly blankets, covers and headbands).

2. Crystalmoon Designs @ DesignsbyCrystalMoon

Crystalmoon Designs

This shop has just opened in 2017, but is a hopeful rising star on the Etsy website. Specializing in children beds and cute duvet covers, the shop is a good one to favorite/follow. Further, the shop offers really cute handmade finger toys, which might be worth investing into for your child as they grow up.

3. F Kootyzadeh @ MyFirstBabyBox

3. F Kootyzadeh @ MyFirstBabyBox

Following the rise in popularity of baby boxes in Finland and now, in a lot of European countries, this newly 2017-opened shop might be exactly what you are looking for. Each baby box is accustomed with essential items that are needed when they are first born, so you do not have to go looking for something extra, especially for the first few hectic weeks. This is a perfect gift for someone close, or for yourself – worth a follow!

4. SignatureEvents @ Signature Events UK

4. SignatureEvents @ Signature Events UK

This shop is the most cutest personalized gift shop I have seen on Etsy, and is rapidly rising in sales in 2017. The shop contains many personalized items for the whole wedding-pregnancy-baby born sessions, and can be a good site to look at, for finding something quick. The reason this one caught my eye, was because of the personalized wooden blocks, which I think are absolutely fantastic, so give this shop a favorite/follow for more cute updates!

5. Handmade Baby Boutique @ HandmadeBabiBoutique

5. Handmade Baby Boutique

This little Esty store is an absolute gem when it comes to baby toys, and nursery decorations. Specializing in baby shoes (especially for newborns), Handmade Baby Boutique is a store that was recommended by one of my friends – the items are very cute, and of high quality. The shop has over 750 sales, and is climbing to popularity in 2017.

6. Donna Clare @ BattySpinsandKnits

Donna Clare @ BattySpinsandKnits

The typical gift for a baby shower/ baby birthday is obviously knitwear! Many moms still carry around their cute little homemade knitwear socks of their children as a commemoration. BattySpinsandKnits offers knit-wear, as well as the tools to do so yourself, so definitely worth looking out for this year, if this is what you will need!



Another one of Etsy well known stores, DINDINTOYS specializes in items made out of wood, and child toys are of no exception. The store uses wood from Latvia, and makes lovely baby toys from high quality material, which are appeasing to the eye and very natural. Wooden toys are quite popular in 2017, so its no surprise that this store has seen an immense number of sales this year alone.

8. upraiser @ upraiser


I have recently came across this unique shop, which sells quite a mix of items – starting from glass figures and ending in handmade bedding cot sets for babies, which might be of interest to new parents. This 3 set baby cot bed is an excellent present, or a fantastic acquire for a newborn – very practical and through through with the designs and the different transformations it can do. The seller can be contacted, and in no doubt will be willing to do a personalized/custom order tailored for your needs.

9. lucinda clausing @ BunnyLuluHandmade

lucinda clausing - BunnyLuluHandmade

This is one of the by far cutest stores on Etsy, and has seen an immense rise in sales this year, due to its popularity. BunnyLuluHandmade specializes in handmade cotton bunnies, which can be customized – the ear of the bunny can contain an embroidered name monogram. This is ideal as a gift, or something for your own children!

10. Brenda @ Brendasnursery

Brenda @ Brendasnursery

Last but not least, Brendasnursery is a definite baby gem at Etsy – although it has been opened for quite a while, 2017 might possibly one of its best years yet. This shop offers essential baby items such as bed covers, blankets and literally the essentials. Perfect for gifts and personal items! The prices are reasonable, and the variety of items on the store is absolutely immense! Perfect for a ‘follow’ and a ‘favourite’!

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