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Tips and tricks for building your ETSY business with Instagram

Promote Etsy Shop With Instagram

If you’ve been looking to build up your ETSY online, the odds are pretty good that you’ve turned to social media.

And while it’s possible to really drum up a lot of success using Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is perfectly suited to those that are running ETSY shops. A visual medium first and foremost, Instagram gives you the opportunity to really show off everything you have for sale while at the same time giving you the opportunity to build a brand on social media that connects with your marketplace.

If you aren’t using Instagram to boost your business, you’re missing out on a boatload of sales. Here are a couple of tips and tricks to help you really hit the ground running!

Create a distinct visual style to cut through the clutter

It’s important to remember that there are literally hundreds and hundreds of millions of people using Instagram every single day. Your posts are going to need to have a very distinct visual style to cut through all of that clutter, and to be easily recognizable by people in your market that might be scrolling through their feed until something catches their eye.

You want to come up with a clever way to promote your ETSY products, but you’re going to want to do so in a clear and brand focused way that helps support each of the messages that you blast out on Instagram.

Check out all of the brands and people that you follow regularly and you’ll see that they have a specific look to them that is theirs and theirs alone and let them stick out from the rest of the pack.

This is what you’re after!

How to Promote Etsy Shop With Instagram

Consistency is king when marketing on social media.

Consistency is king when marketing on social media

It’s going to be absolutely impossible for you to have any success whatsoever on Instagram (or any other social media platform, for that matter) unless you are posting consistently.

The last thing that you want to do is put up your social media marketing pieces willy-nilly, or whenever you have an idea that falls from the sky. Instead, you’re going to want to have a regular social media marketing calendar that you stick to religiously.

Maybe you’ll send out posts every two days, every three days, every week, every other week, or some other timeline – but it’s critical that you stick to that schedule so that people can come to expect and look for your marketing messages.

Without that consistency, you’re just another ship passing in the dark.

Always have a CTA on every post

A CTA (a call to action) must be present on every single post you throw up on Instagram or you aren’t going to be able to take advantage of the marketing leverage that the platform offers.

Now, you don’t have to be blatantly obvious by blasting “BUY MY STUFF” on every image that you upload, but you’re definitely going to want to tell people that you’d like them to check out your ETSY and purchase the product that you are showcasing.

People today need to be encouraged (and given directions) to take action, or they are going to sit on their rump. Compel them to become your customers and you’ll have a much better chance to build your business on Instagram.

ETSY Business with Instagram

Fall in love with direct marketing secrets from the distant past

At the end of the day, the best secrets for really improving your marketing and your advertising on Instagram (or anywhere else that you are advertising your ETSY shop) aren’t going to come from the hottest blog or a buzz feed article but instead from direct marketing geniuses that have been dead for more than 50 years.

We’re talking about guys like Claude Hopkins, like David Ogilvy, and other masters of direct marketing and advertising – the kind of people that built multibillion-dollar industries with nothing more than a pen and a piece of paper.

Adopt their secrets and their tactics to today’s tools and technology like Instagram, and you’ll be off to the races. You might not ever hear your register stop ringing again!

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