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There’s just something immediately captivating about Rorschach prints and artwork that pulls us in, gives us a window into our psyche, and lets us play around with our thoughts while comparing “notes” with the impression that others have about the same images – often times realizing that not all of us see the world the same way, and that perception truly is reality.

Each and every one of the incredibly unique prints available from the Inkdala Etsy shop are going to have you feeling a specific kind of way at one moment and another way completely later on, but that’s the beauty of the Rorschach patterns that are created by this incredible digital artist.

Rorschach patterns and prints from Inkdala Etsy Shop

Stunning in its simplicity

The first thing that you’ll notice about these Inkdala Rorschach prints is that they are truly stunning in their simplicity, only ever using a handful of (admittedly incredibly vibrant and vivid) colors to create the art itself.

The designs themselves are heavily influenced by the natural world but also have a cosmic and almost “universal” symbolism and truth about them that is very, very easy to get lost in. The use of symmetry is very impressive, allowing for a lot of complexity in the overall simplicity of the image itself – a contradiction at first, but immediately apparent as soon as you lay eyes on one of these Inkdala prints.

As highlighted above, the vivid and vibrant colors that all of the Inkdala prints contain blends seamlessly into one another, allowing for a continuity and seamless transition from one shape to another, one shade to another, that really shows just how talented the artist behind these prints really is.

Describing herself as a “Fractal Architect”, the artist – Mila Tovar – uses these incredibly vibrant and unique colors in a way that is something you can really feel and something you can get lost in, even if your exposure to these Rorschach prints only lasts a few moments or two.

Each piece is truly a one-of-a-kind

You will notice the obvious influence Mother Nature and the cosmos has on each and every one of these prints from the Inkdala shop, but at the same time each and every one of them is wholly unique, wholly distinct, and something that is completely itself and only itself.

Mila creates individual and one-of-a-kind artwork with every single print, and each of the options that you have the opportunity to collect from the Inkdala store are individualized completely. This is not just one in a million art, but one-of-a-kind art in its truest sense – especially when you factor in the fact that everyone will see and reflect on each of these Inkdala prints through their own lands and through their own perspective, changing the artwork through their experience as well.

The Inkdala shopping experience

Right out of the gate, you’ll find dozens and dozens of individual prints that you have the opportunity to purchase directly from the Inkdala shop. Many of the prints available, in a digitally downloadable format that allows you to choose how you like your prints to take physical shape, but some of them are also available as physical prints and “goodies” that can be shipped to your directly.

Reviewers report that these prints are shipped very quickly, are protected 100% of the way in an archival tube, and to are going to arrive at your doorstep suitable for framing right out of the container.

Mila also has offered the ability for individual clients to contact her directly for truly custom work, influenced by their own experiences or what they hope can be created with their own ideas about a Rorschach print. This process can be a little bit slower (for obvious reasons), but each and every one of these commissioned pieces will be totally unique and not available for sale to other clients.

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