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Make your own outdoor lamp with solar lights

How to install outdoor lamp with solar power

Do you have some places around your house where you would like to have some lighting so that you will be able to see where you are going, but you also have to worry about the difficulty running wires out to that location? It can take a lot of time and money to get electricity to remote locations, but that shouldn’t stop you from making plans to put up that light. With the reduced costs of solar panels, and the amount of power you can generate with one, you can handle your power needs and set up that solar powered lamp with little to no trouble at all.

When you can’t run the electricity where you need it.

What will I need to install an outdoor lamp if I am using solar power?

While it will be much easier to set up your outdoor lamp if you are using a solar panel, you will still need to have a plan for the installation as well as the right equipment and tools handy for this project. this is more important if you are looking to include your light in a location that requires a larger amount of travel to reach. First, I would recommend looking into finding a kit that will provide you with most of the materials that you will need. Remember that with any project, there are always unknown pieces and parts that you may need. Start with your kit and make sure you have all of the pieces and then unsure that you have all of the tools that you will need as well.

How to make an outdoor lamp DIY guide

What will I need to install my lamp?

First for your new light you will need to make sure that you have a place that you want to secure your lamp. You may need to install a pole or find a position that will work to hold the lamp as well as provide the lighting that you require. Once you have the location established, you will want invest in a solar panel and charge controller that will meet the requirements for the amount of light that you want to generate. (Check with the manufacturer for outputs and requirements.) Make sure that you have the right light for your application. LED lights provide exceptional lighting with much less battery usage. With an LED light, you will want an LED driver as well as the right battery for your application. You will also need an underground bury wire that will have an extra strength coating to protect it from accidental contact during digging.

What tools will I need?

As far as tools go, you won’t need much for the actual installation of the light and solar panel. If you have a screw driver, a pair of wire strippers, and a crimping tool, you will be all set. Make sure that you have a Phillips head and flat head screw driver just in case you need both of them. You can also look into a four way or six way screw driver to make sure that you have the right size available.

How do I put everything together?

Now that you have all of your pieces, start by stripping the ends of your wires and assembling the connectors that will hook up your panels to the charge controller. If you need to, you can always add more solar panels for more charging power. Connect the charge controller into the battery and then from the battery to the LED light. Once you have this set up put together, your solar panel can start collecting that solar power to store for when you need it. You can have your LED light on a switch or set it up so that it will turn on when it gets dark. the only real concern is how much solar power you can generate during the day. Keep in mind that even on a cloudy day, you are still collecting solar power. Just make sure to keep your panel clean and free of dirt and debris.

Isn’t it time to start working on your outdoor lamp?

DIY Outdoor Solar Power Lamp

Now that you know the details of setting up an outdoor lamp with solar lights, isn’t it time to start this project for your own home or wherever you are setting it up? Make your plans and check with the manufacturers of the parts and pieces that you will be using. That way you can make sure that you can put the project together without having to take a side trip for parts and pieces. Keep your eyes open for a prepackaged kit that will have all of the materials that you need in order to do the job quickly and efficiently. Solar powered lamps are a great way to keep your home lit up where you need it.

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