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MEGALAYAH – Printed canvas bags & art prints

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This adorable little Etsy shop was originally conceived of as a bit of a hobby, a way for a professional web designer and developer to make the most of her favorite creative outlet – painting, creating, and bringing the unique Middle Eastern culture she had come to experience in Israel as well as the Indian culture she enjoyed after moving there for a year when she burned out on the world of web development.

MEGALAYAH Etsy Shop Overview

Canvas tote bag

Printed canvas bag – Buy on Etsy

Finding herself in a faraway West Bengal village, she began painting and studying the human experience around her – and this led to the creation of the MEGALAYAH shop and the beautiful and impeccably designed canvas art prints and bags that she now shares with the world.

MEGALAYAH is an Etsy shop you can trust

Established over three years ago (almost 4 years ago), this Etsy Web shop has a top-notch five-star reputation on the platform and the kind of trust with its customers that you just can’t fake.

The creator of the shop, and the designer behind all of the products that are sold from MEGALAYAH – Efrat Attias – takes each and every individual project just as seriously as the last, looking for ways to really capture her favorite part of the world and the essence of her creativity in every piece.

Some of the Etsy web stores out there are slow to ship and deliver, and when you receive the actual merchandise itself it can become damaged because of how little care went into the packaging and the processing.

This will never be a problem when you shop at MEGALAYAH. Shipping is reportedly very fast and almost overprotective, something that is so important when you’re talking about purchasing truly one-of-a-kind pieces from a shop on Etsy.

High quality handmade bags and prints on great canvas materials

As far as the actual products and materials available from MEGALAYAH, they are nothing short of breathtaking.

Each and every single piece of artwork is a completely unique, one-of-a-kind, and handmade expression of some of the people, some of the experiences, and some of the memories that Attias was able to capture during her adventures around the world.

The projects that reflect the faces of the people that she was able to meet are probably the most personal of them all, with an authenticity and a character that immediately comes through each and every single print as well as each and every single bag.

There’s a spirit in these products that just isn’t possible to pull off when you’re talking about the mass produced and generically designed products that so many of us are used to purchasing on a day to day basis. These handmade items utilize only the finest materials, really helping the art contained on each of them to shine through just as fully as humanly possible.

Custom orders are easy to put together

While the “in stock” merchandise from MEGALAYAH is sure to have something that inspires a purchase, the ability to actually reach out to Attias and connect with her personally to custom order and commission a piece is something that you just can’t fully appreciate until you dive right in.

The process is simple, straightforward, and as elegant as can be. Customers report Attias has been very responsive to these custom orders, keeping open lines of communication throughout the commission process, and making sure that each and every individual piece not only lives up to expectations very often exceeds those expectations beyond what anyone could have imagined or anticipated.

We love the little Etsy shop called MEGALAYAH, and encourage you to have a look at everything that they have to offer. You will not be disappointed!

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