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A Review Of The Etsy Shop Nicolette’s Creations

Anyone familiar with Etsy know that it is a great place to go for artwork. In fact, with a little bit of searching, you can find some pretty creative ideas, including new takes on old things. This is in part what drove us to the Etsy shop Nicolette’s Creations. Interested innovative wall hangings as well as counter decoration, we were amazed by what Nicolette’s Creations had to offer. Let’s take a moment now to review the shop and explain why we believe it is worth mentioning.

Nicolettes Creations – Quotes On Canvas

As the name would suggest, Nicolette’s Creations is an Etsy store specializing entirely in quotes on canvas.

Providing an incredible range of quotes as well as custom quotes to choose from, Nicolette’s Creations offers an incredible range of products. For the most part, the quotes are split into the categories of love/family/wedding, movies, inspiration, humor, faith, famous people, sports themed, and Christmas.

Every item comes with numerous pictures of the final creation posed to give a representation of what it may look like in your own home. Professional photos are also taken of the lettering close up to give a better sense of the font and placement. Every item has a range of size options that also scale in price.

Prices typically range from $30 to $60 per canvas. Custom orders can provide even more variation, but will be priced higher as a result. Materials for every item are listed in detail, as well as instructions regarding what shipping times will be like before you purchase. This way, you know exactly what you are buying and what the process will be like prior to placing an order.

Creating Canvases Of Love

Nicolette’s Creations is highly well regarded. Based out of DesMoines, Washington, Nicolette’s Creations has had more than 1400 sales in its 3 years of operation.

A favorite shop of more than 700 people, Nicolette’s Creations has 254 reviews and a 5 star rating. Putting this all together, we get a fantastic shop offering a unique line of products for a decent price. Add to that the incredible customer service, the high rankings of past customers, and overall trustworthiness of the shop, and it is no wonder Nicolette’s Creations continue to draw people in. A perfect example of a company providing custom and pre-defined items for sale, Nicolette’s Creations are definitely worth a moment of your time the next time you are looking for home decorations.

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