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When reviewing shops on Etsy, we tend to look for those that stand out from the rest. Whether they have fantastic reviews or provide something that is unique and special, we take special pleasure in exploring these shops further and providing you with reviews on them.

Taking Illustrated Cards & Prints To The Next Level

Today, let’s take a moment to review Shepherd Illustration. Focused on hand illustrated prints & cards, Shepherd Illustration offers a unique and beautiful take on providing one of a kind prints. Setting herself apart from the competition, Shepherd Illustrations works off of a unified aesthetic that incorporates a classic feel with delicate and complex line work. The images alone are worth considering when you think about the message such individual and special designs can bring. Often invoking nature, the individual scenes are standalone, providing visually a range of shapes and meanings. The images themselves are matched by the envelopes and cardstock used for the prints, providing a finalized, unified look and feel that is tangibly better than the competition. On application and skill alone, Shepherd Illustration manages to stand out.

Items & Specifications

Shepherd Illustration provides around two dozen options. While some incorporate text, others are nothing more than the prints themselves. Carefully applied to the card, the average cost ranges between 2.5 and 5 pounds per. 5 and 3 card sets provide a discount. At the moment, Shepherd Illustration only ships within the UK. Materials used include card, paper, ink, kraft, and recycle. Cards measure in at 148 x 148 mm.

Reviews of Shepherd Illustration

While Shepherd Illustration is a relatively new company on Etsy, it has managed to impress every client so far, resulting in a low but perfect Etsy rating. We tend to agree with the positive comments left by clients and re-affirm that Shepherd Illustration is providing something creatively complex and worthy of your consideration.

About the Owner of Shepherd Illustration

Based in Newcastle upon Tyne in England, the owner and operator of Shepherd Illustration is Lauren Shepherd. A motion graphic designer and illustrator, Shepherd takes her experience and training and applies it in a place rarely experiencing new interest. The end results are beautiful pieces that are bound to make a statement when you use them as a gift. Consider Shepherd Illustration today and experience the work of an up and coming Etsy star yourself.

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