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hand printed hunter shirt

TheMothFlock – Finding comfortable clothes that express your style and sense of fashion can be tough. When shoppers hunt for their purchases, they’d usually have to give up one for the other.

While it can be hard to find comfy clothing that doesn’t sacrifice style, there are some sources that will give you just that. One of the best places to get your fun, laid-back, comfortable apparel and accessories is TheMothFlock.

TheMothFlock is your online source for fun, stylish, laid-back, and comfortable clothing and fashion accessories guaranteed to satisfy every discriminating taste. Get your dose of comfy, creative, and stylish wares when you visit TheMothFlock.

Laid-Back, Low Cost, Uniquely Handmade

Who doesn’t want to wear a unique hand-crafted piece of clothing? When people go shopping, they often consider the aesthetic of the products, the comfort it provides, and the uniqueness of the design. At TheMothFlock, everything is handmade, so you can be sure that the piece you get is completely one-of-a-kind and different from every other item on the store. TheMothFlock takes pride in its best-selling design – the six-eyed cat, which has propelled the brand to popularity. Today, TheMothFlock has focused its efforts on taking this top selling design and turning it into their mainstay product. On their Etsy store, you will be able to find different products including shirts, buttons, and patches that proudly boast their best selling six-eyed cat.

TheMothFlock sells its products for pocket-friendly, affordable prices which makes them a top pick among many online shoppers.

Their unique designs, organic look and feel, and handmade guarantee have allowed them to appeal to a large number of patrons that love and support their humble brand.

Make sure you stop by Michael Arpino’s Etsy shop during your next online shopping spree and get your very own six-eyed cat merchandise, guaranteed to add a little life and comfort to your ever growing wardrobe.

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