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Etsy is no stranger to stores that sell beautifully handcrafted and one of a kind pieces that add a tasteful decorative touch to our everyday lives. Of course, there are lots of stores that sell these today, but rarely will you find one like Paper Scissors Rock. This unique Etsy shop has dedicated itself to providing its customers with intricately handmade decorative and recreational pieces that are a real treat to own.

More about Paper Scissors Rock

Pamela Corwin is the woman behind Paper Scissors Rock, a gift specialist store based in Washington. This particular Etsy shop takes pride in its impressive roster of decorative products that are uniquely designed and manufactured by Corwin. Currently, Paper Scissors Rock products are available for purchase at its dedicated website, through the Etsy store, and partner stores that sell the products at their brick and mortar establishments.

Paper Scissors Rock Products

Corwin started selling her products after experimenting with her own possessions at home. She had made a habit of decorating her personal items and was struck one day by the idea that she could turn her humble practice into a profitable endeavor. So Paper Scissors Rock was born. Today, this gift store has over a handful of different items available for purchase, including ink and pen prints, coloring pages for adults, glass gem magnets, miniature paintings, night lights, and clocks. Each artfully designed piece was crafted lovingly by Corwin herself, and she even makes a one-of-a-kind category proudly displayed on her Etsy where buyers can find art pieces and paintings that can’t be found anywhere else.

Paper Scissors Rock is particularly well-known for its adult coloring pages. According to research, adult coloring can keep the mind sharp and helps to decrease stress levels, so if you want a new hobby to help calm you down, buying a few coloring pages from PSR should do you some good.

Show Your Love with Paper Scissors Rock

If you’re looking for beautiful one of a kind gifts for the people you love, or if you’re seeking to get a decorative little something for yourself at an affordable price, then look no further. With such a vast collection of different art gifts, you’ll be sure to find something for yourself and that special someone. Paper Scissors Rock is bound to satisfy with its unique range of artisan products guaranteed to bring a little color and a tastefully decorative touch to your everyday life.

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