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Top 7 Ways to Make a Jewelry Brand Stand Out

Top 7 Ways to Make a Jewelry Brand Stand Out

Just like any shop on the Etsy platform, the main job of the seller is to make his or her product unique and appealing for a potential buyer, which isn’t always easy – especially if you are a newbie on the website! Jewelry is an especially hard area to do so, due to the vast numbers of products offered by an equal number of sellers. Here are my 7 tips on how to make your jewelry store stand out from the crowd, and appeal to buyers to increase sales! Good luck selling!

How to make your Etsy jewelry shop stand out from the crowd

1. Choose a theme or be diverse

Due to the immense number of stores specializing in selling wedding items or Apple Watch wristbands, it is unlikely that you will be noticed from the crowd by blending in – it goes against all logic. Therefore, choose an interesting theme which is unique to your personality and craft, and really make it shine. OR be diverse and offer a whole range of products, if you are able to create them, to attract visitors from the spectre for buying.

2. Invest into advertisement

Etsy is an excellent platform to invest into your store – the ads are simple to buy, and attract visitors by placing your product at the top of search results, making them accessible and easy to see (in the vast number of items and stores). Although the buyer can see the ‘ad’ button, this sometimes is helpful as it tells the buyer that the seller puts a lot of effort and some money into shop.

3. Sales are a life-saver

As well as investing into ads, sales are another side to the coin that one must consider. Sales are an excellent way of not only attracting visitors, but encouraging bulk buy of orders, which is extremely helpful to get your ‘sales’ statistics up and seem more reliable (as well as earn some money of course). This also dispositions the buyer to yourself, and may form long-term client relationships.

7 Tips for running Etsy jewelry shop

4. Making photos aesthetically pleasing

If you sell jewelry, then this is absolutely VITAL. Making photos look nice and stand out is appealing to everyone – especially the younger generations which spend a lot of time and money of accessories from Etsy. Try adding some subtle filters, or investing in a camera – try some nice wooden surfaces or pastel backgrounds to really bring out the appeal of your product. It is jewelry you are selling after all!

5. When starting to sell, sell at low prices to increase views and reviews

When starting on Etsy, a platform which relies strongly on reviews, favorites, follows, views, sales – you name it!, it is important to keep all these considerations in mind. The buyer will more likely buy from someone credible, who has a lot to sell and a lot of experience in doing so, rather than someone who only has a few products online and no reviews.

This can be done by entering into Etsy teams and posting your products (according to the team rules), and reblogging all the ones which come beforehand. This is an excellent way of earning a lot of favorites and views – however, it does mean that your favorite and follow section will muck-up as it will not be representative of what you truly choose to like and follow.

6. Customize, customize, customize!!!

The 3 C’s on Etsy – Customize x 3! I cannot stress enough how much your shop will change after investing and bringing out the option of customization for your jewelry goods (that is, if they are customizable). You can get many bulk orders, for example for people needing bulk jewelry and accessory packs for their weddings or similar. This is an excellent way of increasing statistics, which yet again, increase your shops’ views and hopefully, sales.

There are, however, many customization stores on Etsy, so really think about how you can make yours stand out (possibly by following the other 6 rules stated earlier in this article). Customization brings your client a step closer, as you are truly making something special for them, so they are more likely to leave good reviews and recommend you in their fields further.

7. Keep it straightforward – Go with the trends

Going with trends is an excellent way to increase sales and popularity on Etsy – people are more likely to demand products which are in fashion, and thus are more likely to buy them – which means you will be in luck if you are able to provide them. Jewelry is a very multidisciplinary so it is much easier to make a trendy product even trendier by using your creativity – this will make you stand out as well! For 2017, I would recommend focusing on chokers – the go-to accessory for teenagers and young people who shop a lot on Etsy, alike.

Hopefully, these tips will prove useful to your jewelry shop and increase your views and sales. Whether you are just getting started or have been on Etsy for long, it is always helpful to get a booster in your store!

Happy selling!

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