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Inspiring Items With A Vintage Touch

With thousands of sellers on Etsy creating unique items of all kinds, it can feel impossible to sort through shops for exactly what you need. That’s why we step in. Here at CraftyFever, we highlight only Etsy shops that are worth your time to check out. Today we are reviewing Two Sparrows Handmade, whose items caught our eye because of their homey, detail-oriented, vintage appeal.

Two Sparrows Handmade – Inspiring Items with an unlikely beginning.

Pam Keavney, the owner and creator of Two Sparrows Handmade, was inspired by a visit to the dentist. When she learned how he made such a detailed impression of her tooth, she started using the same process to replicate the vintage buttons, toys, and picture frames she collected.

The result is hundreds of treasures that are warm, loveable, and unique. From tiny pushpins and hand painted bulletin boards to decoupage deer heads, belts and jewelry, the creator’s love of detail shines through in every item she creates.

Truly handmade products with unmatched attention to detail.

All of the items available at Two Sparrows Handmade are hand crafted down to the tiniest pushpins, which are created using vintage jewelry molds. The artist loves using polymer clay, hand painting even the smallest items with great detail.

Two Sparrows Handmade’s products are whimsical but not childish, vintage but not dated, and earthy without feeling too rustic.

Pam’s love of vintage postcards shines through her store. Much of her artwork displays these images with a breath of new life, making them suitable for a new generation to cherish. Common motifs in her artwork include sparrows, sheep, flowers, and buttons.

Perhaps the most iconic pieces that this artist creates are her decoupage mounted deer heads. While deer heads often conjure images of triumph over nature, Pam’s deer mounts incorporate life and unity with nature in every piece of their creation. With bold colors and beautiful floral prints, golden antlers, and friendly winking expressions, these deer mounts are perfect conversation starters.

A commitment to fast, honest service at a reasonable price.

While Two Sparrows Handmade was only established in 2015, this shop is developing a strong, positive following. Already, Two Sparrows Handmade boasts a 5 star rating with 36 positive reviews. Satisfied customers enthuse about Pam’s fast shipping, commitment to quality and great customer service.

With all items currently sold for under $100, Two Sparrows Handmade is a great place to pick up a truly one of a kind gift that will be treasured for years to come.

If you’re curious to see how vintage items can be brought to new life in your home, we encourage you to check out Two Sparrows Handmade. You won’t be disappointed!

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