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A Review Of The Etsy Shop Simply Paper Perfect

Party planning can be an incredible amount of fun. Helping to create a great experience for everyone isn’t possible with some careful planning and a some foresight. If you are looking for some inspiration, then look no further than Etsy. With countless options to choose from, Etsy provides you with countless options when it comes to party planning. So, what businesses are worth your time and what are worth skipping? Let’s take a moment to review a very promising business called Simply Paper Perfect.


Simply Paper Perfect – Custom Party Decorations

Simply Paper Perfect specializes in a range of party supplies including confetti, cake and cupcake toppers, banners, and favor and gift tags.

Each designed custom by the business, you are guaranteed unique custom party decorations that can be found no where else. The confetti is organized by theme, including playful additions like pink crosses and anchor confetti. The unique, handmade nature of the products offered by Simple Paper Perfect set them above the competition.

Instead of purchasing cheap materials in bulk, Simple Paper Perfect offers party decorations that match in their own quality the festivities that are taking place. Having rarely seen this before, we believe that Simply Paper Perfect’s technique is well, simply perfect.

Items range from between $3 to $4 dollars for confetti to $11 to $15 for banners. Cake and cupcake toppers are typically somewhere in between in regards to cost. Every item sold includes a number of pictures that help show off the craftsmanship behind the design as well as give a sense of overall size and color.

Photographs are professionally taken and a great deal of care is given to showing off these amazing products. A brief description is included as well, providing you with things like additional information on choices.

A Better Place For Party Supplies

Owned and operated by Jessica, Simply Paper Perfect has worked to provide a superior quality product that is functional, cost effective, and fun.

The end result of her hard work is more than 450 sales and 105 admirers. Adding to the businesses credentials are more than 100 reviews with a 5 star rating. With a little more than a year’s worth of business so far, those numbers are quite impressive! If you are currently in the market for party supplies and are curious to see what people who are passionate about their craft can create, then consider Simply Paper Perfect.

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