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How to Write Product Descriptions on Etsy

How to write Product Descriptions

How to Write Product Descriptions on Etsy That Are Guaranteed to Make You a Sale

The number of talented creators and crafters joining Etsy is steadily increasing which also increases competition among vendors. In effect it may be difficult for you to stand out as an individual and have your products noticed by potential buyers. This is where clever marketing strategies come into place. You need to find a way to catch people’s attention and hold their interest. Why? In my opinion, once you’ve caught their fancy you’re already half way to making a sale. One way to do this is by making well-written and thought out product descriptions. It’s one way to communicate to your consumers how wonderful your products and showcase the nature of your shop and yourself as a crafter or vendor. Here are some tips to make catchy and clever product descriptions that are guaranteed to sell.

How to write product descriptions on EtsyTICKLE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE’S FANCY

One thing you should always bear in mind when writing your product descriptions is that you should never settle for the generic. Do not use cut and paste text that accommodates a wide audience but offers little to no sentiment or endearment towards your product. You’re selling to actual people with feelings and desires – use those to your advantage! Not everyone will want or need your product no matter how good it is. But there will certainly be people who do. Etsy is home to one-of-a-kind and eccentric handmade pieces which don’t all draw the same set of buyers. Figure out your market, play to their imagination and appeal to their interests. This increases the likelihood of your making a sale over just snowballing it, where you are bound to make twice as much misses as hits.


Most online shoppers don’t have the patience to read through long, narrative-type product descriptions. Etsy shoppers are visual creatures, so your product descriptions should be just as easy on the eyes as your products themselves. Meaning they should be both striking and more importantly, easy to read. The fact that they’re looking through the product write up already tells you that you’ve caught some of their attention. Don’t waste the opportunity by scaring them away with overwhelming, block text. Be straightforward, be concise and at the same time maintain an engaging tone. Break down your lengthy product write-ups into stimulating one-liners or clever turns of phrase. Use bold headings or bullet points to list your product’s features, specifications and/or other interesting information. Buyers are always, always keen on this.


It’s easy to fall into standard sales speak when you’re promoting your products or items which are similar to others’. Avoid this as much as you can. Avoid saying what everyone else does. Instead, opt for more genuine and authentic descriptions which only apply to your items. Make it seem like you are a person yourself appealing to another. This will give you distinction among your peers and consumers will be are able to set you apart from your competitors.


It’s not enough to simply describe your craft or item in your product description. An effective product description should be so compelling that it warrants a sale. You can achieve this by choosing your words. Use sensory words or action words. Stimulate their imagination with sales talk that is not limited to what your product looks like or how well it’s made but to what the product can do for your consumers, what benefits they can get from buying it or why it’s better to be with it than without it. Make them need it. Play on their feelings and vanities. Don’t just prattle on and on about how good your item is. Quality goes without saying but your product should be able to stand out from all other items that boast of the same or even better quality because they’re the best for your target buyers. If you are to use superlatives make sure to supplement it with justifications.


Good publicity is a great way to boost sales. Buyers want to see reliability and credibility in an Etsy crafter and their items. They want to be secure in their purchase which is why it’s always a good idea for you to sneak in stellar product reviews or positive customer feed back in your product descriptions. When they read how much your items make other people happy, they are more likely to get it for themselves.

How to write product descriptions


Hyped items are guaranteed to blip on potential buyers’ radars because a huge portion of online shoppers are more inclined to buy something that is currently relevant. Ride out the hype. Your product descriptions should highlight how buying your product is equivalent to getting with the times or how your product conforms to the latest hype. However, it doesn’t apply to all Etsy shop proprietors but it’s certainly worth a try if you happen to sell trendy items.


Sometimes people are more compelled to buy remarkable items with even more remarkable back stories attached to them. If your products were created through unique or unconventional means, incorporate curious elements with eccentric properties, or had noteworthy situations inspire their creation then by all means use them in your product descriptions. It adds character and individual charm to your products that consumers will not find in any other item. It also makes them feel like they’re privy to some sort of treasure when they make their purchase.

And in the end isn’t that what it’s all about?

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