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5 Smart Steps to Improve Etsy Shop In A Moment

Smart Steps On How To Improve Etsy Shop

So, you’ve finally decided to open up shop at Etsy. But you’ve already been there for a while yet your struggling to improve Etsy shop and get more sales. You’re thinking maybe it’s your product that’s no good. Don’t get discouraged. Making good stuff is different from marketing good stuff. You know your merchandise is good you might not just be doing the right things to promote them. Etsy isn’t any different from other online businesses. Online marketing is easy once you’ve gotten the swing of things.

Here are 5 smart ways to help improve Etsy shop in the quickest and most effective means possible.Etsy Tips and Tricks


Being in business is a lot like being in battle. And as far as battles go, to know thy enemy has to be the best tactical advantage anyone can have to come out victorious. Etsy is home to an army of imaginative and innovative people. With many new and interesting things up for sale, you may have some pretty tough competition to face. But your most formidable competition may just end up being your best tutor. Learn from them. Study their marketing strategy; figure out what sells. This will help you improve Etsy shop, your craft and bring something different to the table.

Very much like in battle, it’s equally important to familiarize yourself with the battlefront. Survey your environment. The Internet is an ever changing landscape and it can be a struggle to get yourself noticed. Figure out what your market wants by keeping up with the latest trends. This helps you to be consistently relevant. Shop owners who refuse to get with the times and update their trade are doomed to be shelved and eventually forgotten.


The holidays always, always get people to buy things en mass. This is usually the time when regularly prudent shoppers turn into shameless bulk buyers because they’re spellbound by the spirit of gift giving. Capitalize on this! Increase the hype by inspiring your customers to join in the festivities; make them think that buying from you grants them some kind of medal of participation. Besides, everybody loves seasonal sales. Give out special offers. Do holiday promos. Send out emails with cute holiday greetings. This allows you to let people know about you holiday campaign. It makes them feel special and puts them in the mood to make a purchase.

Also don’t forget to craft incentives to entice your customers. Discount coupons and gift certificates are all the rage during the holidays. Give them out at random. Your loyal supporters would be very grateful. It will also strengthen your sale bond. Additionally, they make for great presents. These are sure fire ways to not only make frequent buyers happy but also get you in touch with a wider audience who have not been acquainted with you or your products yet. All of these can greatly boost your sales and put your Etsy shop in peoples’ orbits.


Online shoppers are highly visual creatures with, unfortunately, very short attention spans. They constantly need to be wowed with what they see. People naturally gravitate towards the attractive. Colorful and interesting graphics are very pleasing to the eye and the cleverer they are, the more likely it is to capture their interest.

Photoshop is your friend!In my opinion, when you catch a customer’s eye, you’re already half way towards making a sale. Having beautifully crafted photographs of your shop or product greatly increases your likeability. Conversely, unappealing or boring ads and graphics fail to fulfill their purpose. They may even end up driving away potential buyers. That isn’t to say that your product isn’t wonderful all on its own but pretty images gives it a much needed boost especially if you’re a newbie.

There are host of programs you can purchase to use to create colorful campaigns for your Etsy shop like Photoshop. But if you don’t know how to work them or just do not have the knack for it, have no fear. There are many, many artists you can hire to do it for you. Don’t fret about spending on help it’s an investment in the long run.


Social networking can be your most powerful means to online retail success. Use it. Use it. Use it. It can’t be stressed enough. Websites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr are very effective and very cheap ways to advertise your craft. Mainly because of the sheer volume of users who are constantly logged-in. It is the fastest way to improve Etsy shop.

Get customers to hype your stuff by posting shareable ads and campaigns to your profile. Social networking sites also allow you to be accessible to your customers. Use them to interact with them and respond to their inquiries.

Social networking could also potentially be your biggest foil. A bad reputation travels twice as quickly as a good one. And if a bad review is passed around, then it might lead to your downfall.


You can’t just expect to post your products on the web and simply wait for them to sell themselves. You make the biggest impact to improve Etsy shop success. If you don’t take the time to promote yourself then there is little progress to be had. It’s your shop so be proactive about it. Create and build your own blog to have a place to talk about how amazing your stuff is.

This is the most crucial step; so crucial that we have an entirely separate post on it. The article touches on how to put together your own blog so be sure to look out for that. Once you have a blog, post regularly. Provide news about recently released products or updates on your old ones. It allows you to be on top of things. When you constantly renew and improve Etsy shop and improve yourself, people are bound to take notice.

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