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Sell More Items with the Whatify Tool for Etsy Sellers

Whatify Tool Overview and Discount Code

If you’re looking for helpful software which will make it easier to stand out from the competition at Etsy (and grab more sales!), you’ll enjoy learning about Whatify. This powerful software tool for Etsy sellers is affordable, easy to use and designed to give you a big edge on all of your Etsy rivals. When you use Whatify, you’ll be able to test out a couple of different lead images for your product listings…and then see which image gets more traffic online!

Photo Testing for ETSY sellers – Whatify Tool Overview

Once you test images for a full month, you’ll start to receive customized recommendations for every single listing, which let you know which photos offer the best performance. This software tool will help you to boost traffic. Most Etsy shop owners who rely on it find that it helps them to get more sales, too.

Today, we’d like to share more practical information about the key benefits and features of Whatify.

whatify tool overview

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Whatify Is Easy to Use

One great thing about choosing Whatify is that you won’t need any real technical savvy in order to use it effectively. You’ll get useful analytics, stats and numbers, without needing to do any calculations or follow complicated processes. Everything is automated, so using the tool will be simple for you. Also, it’s very easy to connect Whatify to an existing shop account at Etsy and then select the specific listings that you wish to test.

If you want to, you’ll have the power to test out the whole shop!

Then, during the next 4 weeks, the software program will switch your primary pictures at Etsy randomly. It will select between the current primary image and the second image. This switching of images is done in order to conduct an “A/B” test. The data which is gathered during the A/B test will be used to let you know which image is the smart choice for driving traffic and sparking conversions.

Why Not Try Whatify Today?

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Images make a big difference. Did you know that Web marketing has gotten more image-centric over time? People want bold, crisp and vibrant images and they may bounce out of websites that don’t have them. The popularity of photo-based social media platforms, such as Instagram, definitely underscores the fact that people love looking at pictures. However, the pictures need to be just right.

When you add Whatify to the mix, you’ll be able to showcase the types of images which are proven to generate traffic. You’ll know exactly how to pick “winning” images that help you to sell more products at Etsy!

At Etsy, the amount of product sales that you get will be directly impacted by the quality of your images. When you select Whatify, you’ll be able to access analytics which are cutting-edge in order to find out which of your current product images generate the most conversions. The A/B test that Whatify conducts automatically is the same type of test that Netflix, Google and Amazon use in order to select images. It’s a trusted test that delivers practical and useful information.

Why Not Try Whatify Today?

If you want to boost Etsy earnings by up to thirty percent, then you’ll find that this software tool is a smart investment. It helps Etsy shop owners all over the world to make more money. The team at Whatify offer new customers access to a free trial, and you won’t even need to add credit card information in order to test out the program and its many advantages. Whatify is also offering a 20% DISCOUNT for all CrafyFever readers who sign up for a 6 month subscription! Just enter “craftyfever” to redeem your coupon at checkout.

Since you will be able to try before you buy, there’s no good reason not to sign up for a free trial at the official Whatify website today. When you do, you’ll access information which helps you to achieve your goals at the Etsy marketplace.

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