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How to Write a Killer Bio on Etsy

Tips on Writing your Etsy Profile

Etsy is an e-commerce website with a peer-to-peer business model. It’s centered on showcasing vintage or handmade items and supplies, along with some factory-made items and supplies which fall into the “unique” category.

Etsy was launched in the summer of 2005, in Brooklyn, NYC, USA. The CEO of this wildly-popular craft marketplace is Josh Silverman. Now that we’ve shared a little Etsy background, let’s talk about how to shine on the platform. Your bio is one element which will help you to make a big impact as you prepare to sell your handmade items or vintage items.

Without a killer bio, your story (and brand message!) may got lost in the Etsy shuffle…

Tips on Writing your Etsy Profile

Try To Connect With Your Ideal Customers

Smart Web marketers know that all Internet marketing should be targeted towards the right types of customers. Your bio is a simple story of your life as it relates to what you’re now doing at Etsy. It should be a story that evokes interest, emotion and fascination…

Sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it? Actually it’s easier than it seems…

We checked out bios from some wonderful artisans at Etsy, all of whom create items of exceptional beauty…and sell plenty of them. These sellers also get wonderful reviews. In most cases, they have perfect, five-star ratings from all of their clients.

Write killer bio for your etsy storeIn the first paragraphs of their bios, they share their first names (some don’t use a last name for privacy reasons) and then let visitors know what kind of items and supplies they sell at Etsy. They also mention how long they’ve been selling and where they are based, whether it’s Key West, Florida or Naples, Italy or what have you.

In the second paragraph, they usually talk about how they developed a passion for what they do at Etsy. For example, an Italian jewelry artisan might explain how her fine arts education led to silversmith training and then to jewelry creation which was inspired by the world’s premier Italian sculptors and their work.

This paragraph is a great place to mention any credentials, awards, education and related work experience which give you credibility as an artisan or a manufacturer of unique items or supplies.

Some people wrap it up by welcoming visitors to the shop and encouraging them to get in touch if they have questions. Others may add more information about themselves.

The length of bios (also known as About sections) will vary. We’ve seen bios which feature nothing more than a catchy tagline and we’ve seen bios with a lot more depth. In general, the really outstanding artisans will take the time to share information about their passions, backgrounds and inspiration via their bios. We recommend that you do the same.

A bio with more rich detail will help you to build trust and rapport with new customers. It’s one of the best means of connecting with people who already have an interest in what you sell. Basically, when someone drops by your Etsy shop, they are already into handmade or vintage designs. They are already “warmed for a sale” as they say in the marketing business!

These “sales leads” need a little nudge before they buy. In some cases, the combination of liking the items/supplies and their prices, along with a great bio which inspires interest and trust, will be more than enough to make a customer “convert” i.e. transform from a visitor into a paying customer.

Now that you see how important a bio is and what is typically featured in the best bios at Etsy, you’ll be ready to create one of your own. We also recommend choosing a nice headshot of yourself to add to the bio. You should be smiling and dressed well. The background of the photo should be clean and simple. If you have privacy concerns, skip the photo. Some people add the photos but don’t reveal their last names. Instead, they do all business under their first names and their Etsy shop names. This gives a bit of extra privacy. Do what’s right for you!

Writing Etsy biography and profile info

Grammar and Spelling Should Be Perfect

We think that using a program like Microsoft Word in order to whip up an Etsy bio is a better idea than writing up the bio inside of Etsy’s interface. Microsoft Word has Review tools, such as spelling and grammar checks. Use these Review tools to make sure that your bio has perfect spelling and grammar. Poor spelling and grammar will reflect poorly on you as an online entrepreneur and artisan.

Ultimately, no matter how creative you are, you’re running a business. When you hang out a virtual shingle at Etsy, you have become a business owner. This means that professionalism is key. Show off your passion in your bio. Also, let customers know what you offer and how you will meet their needs. Make them feel welcome and help them to get to know you.

A killer bio will make a prospective customer feel closer to you. It will help you in so many important ways! So, why not craft your own Etsy bio today?

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