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A Review Of The Blue Canyon Paper Co.

Every year, thousands of new companies are created on Etsy.

Representing a range of talents that stretch from alternatives on the traditional to those products that amaze us in their abstractness, Etsy is a unique, constantly shifting marketplace.

It is our privilege to search through many of these stores, looking for gems that due to either ratings, skill of the creator, philosophy, or idea manage to stand out. With that in mind, we are proud to spend a brief moment reviewing the Blue Canyon Paper Co.

An Independently Owned Retail, Wholesale, & Custom Stationary Company

With more than two dozen products offered, Blue Canyon Paper Co. sells stationary.

As the tagline would suggest, this stationary is designed, sold, and distributed independently. Carefully aligned, it is easy to see that the photographs used on the stationary come from the skilled hands of an individual capable of capturing the moment in exquisite detail. Off the bat, presentation is fantastic in the store itself.

In a business and with a product where appearance is everything, Blue Canyon Paper Co. makes it look easy. Simple, neat, and to the point, navigating through the various kinds of stationary is quick and easy. An ever changing selection allows for a constant selection for those who like us, enjoy checking in from time to time to see what Blue Canyon Paper Co. is up to.

Items & Specifications

Every item is independently listed with at least one beautiful picture as well as the item specification.

Including materials, coloration, size, and more, it is easy to get an exact idea of what the final product will look like prior to purchase.

Many stationary come with an additional white envelope as well, helping to ensure a minimal amount of damage during transport. Price is between 2 to 3 pounds per stationary.

About the Owner of Blue Canyon Paper Co.

Blue Canyon Paper Co. is created and run by Stacey out of Los Angeles California.

Utilizing her skill to produce products of a recognizably distinct quality, her business is relatively new with 7 sales so far. That being said, reviews left are quite positive and speak towards an owner and operator who takes the satisfaction of their clients very seriously. That, along with the quality of the product is why we’ve decided to single out Blue Canyon Paper Co. as a worthy consideration for you.

Follow on Instagram @bluecanyonpaperco and check out bluecanyonpaperco on Etsy

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