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Alexis Mattox Design – Designer stationery & Party goods

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A Review Of Alexis Mattox Design.

Some companies on Etsy end up starting small, and then expanding dramatically. Drawn to these Etsy businesses as well, we are fascinated by what makes them so popular. With that in mind, we provide for you today a brief review of Alexis Mattox Design.

With thousands of sales and more than a thousand reviews, Alexis Mattox Design has managed to scale their business with demand, effectively keeping their ratings up while not skimping out on the quality of the products sold. Let’s take a moment to review their business and why you should consider checking them out.

Designers of Stationary, Art, Party Goods, And More.

Fun and special occasions call for the right supplies.

With that in mind, Alexis Mattox Design has marketed itself as the provider of everything party and craft themed. Their products include cake toppers, custom cake toppers, paper goods, gift tags, party banners, confetti, wall hangings, and more. Unlike some big box craft stores, the quality of the products sold by Alexis Mattox Design have only ever been received as having a lot of value. Purposeful, soulful, and hilarious, the designs (especially among the cake toppers) are well worth a look through if nothing else for their creativity.

Items & Specifications.

Every item includes a high definition photo of the product.

In addition, if there are other color options available, they are listed in a second picture. The materials, size, and more are carefully listed to provide you a solid understanding of what you are purchasing. Generally speaking, the coast ranges from around 5-6 pounds for smaller things and 15-30 for cake toppers and custom designs. Either way, they are a fantastic way to add a bit of creativity and flare to your party/celebration.

About the Owner of Alexis Mattox Design.

Alexis Mattox Design was started by Alexis Mattox out of Springville Utah.

Started as a way for her to pursue her love of design and laser cutting, the business quickly took off. Along with managing her own blog as well, Alexis takes very seriously the role of business owner, ensuring the same standard of quality for every product she designs and releases. It is no wonder then that she has 90 followers, over 4,000+ sales and a perfect review record. With nearly 2,000 admirers, Alexis Mattox Design is a company you should be keeping tabs on as it continues to grow.

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