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The Broken Feather Etsy Shop Review

The Broken Feather Jewelry and Decor

The Broken Feather Shop sells feather based items, not surprisingly… judging by their name! All items are very bohemian in feel and fit a certain trend that is nature based but meets Anthropologie in style. I love buying from Etsy because it supports a small business and a vision that is not often seen in big box stores. SO many artisans go unnoticed, but Etsy gives them the exposure that they need to connect with the public. I love even more, having the ability to find gift ideas for loved ones that they will receive and feel so unique when they open the gift knowing that I searched to find the perfect thing for them.

Broken Feather Shop – jewelry, decor and photography

The shop sells gorgeous handmade dreamcatchers that would make a great addition for home décor—not only in the bedroom to catch dreams. Consider hanging a dreamcatcher as party of a gallery wall or in the entry way even! The weaving and feathers add dimension to a home that is cozy and also cultural. The dreamcatchers all have unique features from their color to size of the catcher, to feather type and beading—there is a lot of thought and consideration that is applied in creating these and that is evident. The dream catchers are also so affordable, the most expensive of them does not exceed $35—making it an ideal price to give as a gift or keep for yourself!

In addition to dream catches, the shop sells hair extensions made of feathers. This has been an accessory trend for a while now, clipping in colorful or even coordinating unique feathers to your hair and adding substance in a way different from traditional jewelry. BUT, if it is traditional jewelry you are looking for as an accessory to spice up your style, the shop does sell one-of-a-kind pieces.

For example, they sell a bull skull polymer clay necklace that is so out of the ordinary and rustic! You are sure to get compliments while wearing it. It almost makes the perfect gift because a clay bull skull isn’t anyone’s daily style (maybe it is?) but getting a gift that is so unique is always a safe bet as the purpose is to buy a friend something they would not buy themselves, it opens the eyes to new things!

Here’s a few words from Nicole, the owner of brokenfeathershop:

  • I’ve been making dream catchers for the last 6 years after learning more about my family heritage. The Ojibwa nation from which my great grandparents descended were the original dreamcatcher weavers. Because of this, I make every dreamcatcher with respect to my family and ancestors.
  • I donate a portion of my profits to social justice and animal welfare organizations.
  • I would classify my prices in the medium range. I don’t like to overcharge, but I spend a lot of time on my dreamcatchers to ensure they last for a very long time. I believe in the saying, “You get what you pay for,” and I believe my customers get a high quality product.
  • I never charge for domestic shipping, and any international shipping charges are exactly what Etsy provides – I never make money off shipping or handling.
  • I accept custom orders as well as wholesale orders.
  • You’ll mainly find dreamcatchers, driftwood pieces, necklaces, and feather hair clips in my shop; however, dreamcatchers are my number one passion.
  • I try to use as many, verifiable, cruelty-free or naturally shed items. All of my art and jewelry is made out of love for all animals.

Check out the Broken Feather Shop and start shopping today—they even have a sale section available!

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