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Guide For Clickathon and Favathon Game Lovers on Etsy

clickathon and favathon games

Do you run an Etsy store and want to bring your sell-outs to where they need to be? Or maybe, for some reason, are you experiencing a considerable drop in your sales that were quite high previously?

In either case, all you need is a more stable and assertive presence in the front page feed of Etsy buyers. To have this presence, buyers should “favorite” your shop or listing.

Not everyone who marks your items on Etsy to be Favorite actually makes a purchase. You cannot twist all of these favorites into sales. However, you can avail these favorites to attract possible sales.

Shop Views, Clicks and Favorites: Do They Matter?

The current page design of Etsy gives a lot of benefits to sellers. The design itself makes the treasuries to be less significant but; the shop and product “favorites” to be more important.

There is no doubt that shop views, clicks, and favorites could significantly bring in more sales. The more you have them, the more traffic will flow to your store. How? Because Etsy counts all these factors while determining the quality score of a listing. To know more, check out this post on the Etsy blog and jump to the “Listing Quality” section in it.

What Is EtsyTools?

Well, before we proceed to the main question, it is essential to know more about EtsyTools. As the name implies, it is a tool! It is an SEO tool designed exclusively for Etsy users. You should check it out if you play Promotional Search Games on Etsy like Favathon or Clickathon. But, don’t worry if you don’t know anything about these games. We will check them out in the next section.

Promotional Search Games or Treasury Games (Favathons and Clickathons): What Do They Mean?

Since the past few years, Etsy sellers are implementing new ways to generate more favorites (hearts), views, clicks, etc. They play various games in the communities, especially with favorites. In other words, they exchange likes and hearts on each other’s products.

As a result, the number of hearts strike the search algorithm on Etsy and help them appear to be more popular.

When potential buyers notice that a listing already has tons of favorites; they think of it more deeply, and hopefully, purchase the item right away.

When the listing has many hearts, the chances of appearing in the “trending items” list are also higher.

How Does EtsyTools Help You?

Treasury games are superb without any doubts, but the amount of time they take is also quite large. Any Etsy seller who has been playing (& enjoying) these games can tell you that these games take a lot of time from your daily schedule.

Find extension here.

You need to go through a lengthy process to complete each game. For example, scroll the listed products, click on them, either favorite or unfavorite them, move to the next listing and repeat. Users publish a lot of listings in each thread, and you need to perform all the actions mentioned above for all those listings. Little time-consuming and tiresome task, right?

There comes the role of EtsyTools. This tool helps you automatize all such tasks with just one single click. The reason that makes this tool convenient is their chrome browser extension developed for desktop users. It is compatible with all major OS such as MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

Etsy Tools Extension
After installing EtsyTools extension on your chrome browser, you will notice the tool at the top right corner of all required Etsy pages.

Note that you won’t see this tool on some pages such as your Etsy store and profile settings. Moreover, the icon that appears automatically on the right square is optional. You can hide this icon at any time you want.

Additional Buttons

You will also notice four additional buttons at the top that read like this: F2H, V2H, OOH, and DONE. These buttons generate random text to answer in the Favathon topics and do have own meaning:

  • F2H – Faved up to here
  • V2H – Viewed up to here
  • OOH – Out of hearts
  • DONE – Finished

Let’s take an example. As you know, Etsy allows you to place 300 likes/hearts per hour. So let’s say you use all 300 hearts in a particular hour. Then, the button OOH will inform everyone that you have used all 300 hearts. Similarly, the next time when you join the game once again, the button F2H will tell you up to where you have favorited the listings.

You can check out this video to see the easiness of this tool. The way this handy tool helps busy Etsy sellers is simply amazing.

How EtsyTools Help You Improve Productivity?
YouTube Link:

EtsyTools offers a free trial period of around 30-minutes. That means you can spend almost half an hour with this awesome tool for free. You can test it during this period and decide whether you want to purchase their premium membership. So, install the chrome extension now and start using it!

Final Thoughts!

Hate to say that participating in games like Favathon sounds annoying and tiring. It takes a lot of time to complete each thread in the game.

But, now you can sit back and take rest. Or do your favorite things like crocheting and making other handmade items. Or else, focus on promoting your Etsy store on social media. You are going to save a lot of time with EtsyTools that you would probably have spent on playing Favathons. Thanks to! They have made the entire process much more fun and faster.

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