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CyKLu Jewelry – Etsy Shop Review

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Unique jewelry which is made entirely by hand is always a pleasure to wear and you’ll find so many wonderful, nature-inspired pieces at the CyKLu Etsy shop. This exceptional jewelry shop is found at www.cyklu.etsy.com. This online boutique is based in Athens, Greece and it earns hundreds of perfect ratings from Etsy customers.

Discover Exquisite Nature-inspired Jewelry at the CyKLu Etsy Shop

Jewelry offered at CyKLu is subtle and sophisticated. Prices are competitive, so you’ll find that it’s possible to access a piece or two without busting your jewelry budget. Go for delicate, feminine rings with succulent plant motifs or choose ornate, dragonfly-inspired earrings which call to mind the beauty of a peaceful summer garden.

Crafted from sterling silver or gold, these elegant designs will add a touch of refinement to any outfit. As well, they are thoughtful and inspiring gift ideas.

Customers who select designs from CyKLu marvel at the artistry and craftsmanship which goes into their earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces. These pieces usually become treasured favorites that CyKLu clients are proud to wear. As well, clients love the caring customer service that they receive from this trusted Etsy shop’s talented artisan.

When you shop at CyKLu, you’ll usually be able to choose from a sterling silver or gold-plated finish. This means that you may tailor your choices to your budget and preferences. We love the fact that these pretty pieces are crafted from precious metals, rather than cheaper materials. As well, we love the detail and love which goes into each and every one of these singular jewelry designs.

Discover the Lost Wax Jewelry-making Method

The owner of this Etsy shop is passionate about jewelry. She expresses her creativity through her designs. She utilizes an ancient technique, known as the Lost Wax Method, in order to create minimalist pieces which are inspired by nature. Her training as a jewelry designer and silversmith give her the knowledge and skill to craft superb pieces. She hand-sculptures wax molds and then creates silver jewelry with the molds. Some designs are plated in gold. This artisan experiments with different patinas in order to create a range of appealing effects.

If you want jewelry which is art, and which doesn’t cost a fortune, you’ll adore the gorgeous pieces found at CyKLu. When you collect a few designs, you’ll build a jewelry wardrobe which is a perfect reflection of your own artistic sensibility. Also, your jewelry will be handmade, rather than mass-produced, so it won’t be the same as other women’s jewelry.

Now that you know more about the CyKLu Etsy Shop, why not drop by today?

Visit CyKLu Shop on Etsy and follow on Instagram @Cyklu_jewelry

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