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Easy Tips on How to Take Good Photos of Handbags

How to take good photos of handbags

If you’re interested in selling handbags at Etsy or another online platform, you should know that learning how to take wonderful photographs of them will help you to get more business. Our culture is increasingly image-centric. This means that people who use the Web want great photos all of the time. In particular, when they are shopping online, they want to see every detail of items that they are interested in.

How to Take Good Pictures of Handbags for Etsy and Other Selling Platforms

Today, we want to share some photography tips which will make it easy to show off everything that is beautiful about your handmade or vintage handbags. Actually, the tips that we share today will work well for photographing any items that you wish to market online.

As a bonus, honing your ability to take pictures of handbags will help you to market them effectively at all of your social media accounts. You may tempt buyers via a host of free marketing channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Add the photos and then add links which direct fans and followers to the handbag at your official Etsy shop.

This type of cross-promotion will assist you with building a buzz which boosts the recognition factor of your Etsy shop and also boosts your bottom line!

Follow Some Simple Rules

If you want uniform photos which do have sufficient lighting, a light box may be a smart business investment. Plenty of Etsy sellers rely on them.

Now, let’s talk about what to do when photographing handbags… as well as what not to do!

Follow Some Simple Rules

Master photographers spend years tweaking their ability to light photographs, create backgrounds and use sophisticated camera equipment and accessories. You may fast-track pro-quality results by using some of their expert handbag photography tips.

First off, you should not rush. Never grab a quick snap of a handbag and post it right away. Be sure that you’ve captured the beauty of the handbag before you post. Also, keep the background really simple. The product should always be the focus. We recommend shooting in lighting which is very bright and choosing backgrounds which are quite plain.

If you can’t get enough light to take good images, consider investing in a light box which is large enough to hold the handbags that sell. Light boxes come in different sizes and they are flat boxes which feature plastic or glass sides that are translucent. The boxes contain electric lights and they provide flat interior surfaces which are lit evenly.

Invest in a Great Camera Lens

We think that buying a great DSLR (a digital single lens reflex camera) and investing in an extra lens for the digital camera will be a smart way to make your photographs of handbags the best that they can be. A telephoto macro lens will be a smart add-on for your camera. It’s versatile enough to work for a lot of different applications and is ideally suited to product photography. Look and see which telephoto macro lenses are compatible with your DSLR.

You should also buy an adjustable tripod which holds your digital camera completely still while you use it. Camera shake definitely ruins photos. It triggers blur and a host of unwanted issues. Your tripod will create stability which improves your handbag photography results.

Other Tips to Try

Other Tips to Try

Good camera equipment, bright lighting and lack of camera shake are key.

A great camera lens is a perfect tool for capturing every detail. However, aside from camera equipment and proper lighting, there are other things that you can do in order to make your pictures shine. One tip is to add seasonal flair to your handbag photographs. For example, if you’re planning to market your handbags as perfect holiday gift ideas, you may want to photograph a model who’s out enjoying a designer coffee in a hat and mittens, on a park bench, while carrying one of your handbags on her shoulder. Create a wintry vibe however you can!

Every photo of a handbag that you post doesn’t need to have a model and/or be seasonal. However, it’s nice to change things up sometimes by showing prospective customers how your handbags tie into the seasons and how they look when women carry them in “real life”.

Have fun with it. People come to Etsy to relax and admire handmade and vintage items. They often fall in love with the items that they find there. They are browsing Etsy for entertainment and are primed to make impulse buys when they see photos of items which are irresistible to them.

Play into all of this by giving the people who visit your Etsy shops clear, crisp photographs. Alternate standard photos of handbags, which rest in front of simple backdrops, with photos of models using your products (perhaps in seasonal settings). When you follow our photography tips, you’ll be taking a professional approach. You’ll be using the same product photography principles that the world’s most successful handbag brands, such as Coach, use in order to grab sales and remain in the “status symbol” category.

Now that you know the drill, why not try these practical handbag photography tips today? Once you’ve honed your skills, you’ll feel more confident as an Etsy shop owner. You’ll also be able to get more leverage from the marketing efforts that you make at your preferred social media accounts.

Good photography sells products. Bad pictures tend to make prospective customers bounce out of Etsy shops. The care that you put into creating great pictures will definitely pay off.

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