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We Love the Growing Your Handmade Business Live Workshop…You Will, Too!

At Crafty Fever, we really believe in artisans and all that they contribute to society. As well, we support artisans who want to create full-time businesses by selling their handmade items online. Etsy is a place where many incredibly creative and talented people congregate in order to to sell what they make with their own two hands. However, there are aspiring and established artisans who just don’t know the ropes. They understand how to make beautiful and interesting things. The problem is they they lack business savvy.

When you develop business savvy via the Makermentors Growing Your Handmade Business Live Workshop you’ll have the perfect blend of creative skills and Web marketing skills.

In particular, if you want to grow a full-time business selling handmade items, this workshop will be perfect for your needs. However, it will also offer benefits to those who want to sell their items to customers as a sideline.

MakerMentors Live Workshop

This Workshop Is the Secret of Success

While anyone can start an Etsy shop just by posting some photos of handmade items and filling out some other relevant information, some Etsy entrepreneurs are far more successful than others! Naturally, you want profits and results, and this is where the Growing Your Handmade Business Live Workshop comes in!

A lot of creatives put their focus on their craft. They don’t create cohesive plans for taking their craft-oriented businesses into the marketplace and creating brand recognition. When you sign up for this affordable workshop, you’ll learn how to make a sensible business plan and build a strong and admired brand.

As well, you’ll discover the secrets of getting more sales online.

The workshop features a trio of amazingly successful sellers who have turned their talents into big profits and these Etsy superstars get plenty of media fanfare and public acclaim. Each one of them has built a respected brand that customers love and trust.

By signing on for this three-day workshop, which is definitely priced so that everyone can afford it, you’ll discover tips and tricks from the sorts of entrepreneurs who have really hit the target at Etsy and beyond. The workshop begins on November 9th, but you will get lifetime access to all of the content.

This course is perfect for any creative who wants to turbo-charge an online business. Whether you’re new to selling handmade items online or an old hand, you’ll find that discovering the secrets of the most successful creatives is the best way to achieve their very high level of success for yourself! Don’t forget to check other awesome future workshops.

You deserve all of the hard facts and secrets… so, why not sign on for the Growing Your Handmade Business Live Workshop at ModernThrive today?

The workshop is $97 but you can get access for $67 if you sign up now with discount code “CraftyFever”!

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