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Here And There Shop Review

I don’t know about you, but sometimes following the wedding gift registry can be a bit mundane, nothing original or fun just things the couple thinks they need, but really don’t. A fun trick that I picked up (after attending too many weddings to count) is to buy something from the registry, but then find something locally made and personal to add to it. This way, you can add a personal touch as well as a surprise to their gift without going too far off track and upsetting the bride that no one stuck to the registry.

The Here and There Shop Wedding Guestbooks

A wedding guestbook is a nice idea because it is representative of the wedding day and anything that is handmade is usually special. Etsy has so many options, digging through every shop can be such a hassle, so I’ve done it for you and happily stumbled upon: The Here and There Shop. Okay, this shop is too cute. The Here and There Shop on Etsy has some of the most delicate and romantic wedding guestbooks I have ever seen that are perfect to buy for yourself or as a wedding gift.

What Does the Shop Offer?

The Here and There Shop offers many personalized items, one of the most popular is the travel map that can be framed. This is such a sweet idea for a wedding gift as you can pin point different places you have traveled together as a couple and frame it as wall art for visitors to look at! What a special way to celebrate adventure while decorating your home?!

The maps don’t stop there, they also make maps that can be used as a wedding guest book. This is so neat if you are having people from all over the county or world come to your wedding—a real visual of how far people have traveled to celebrate your love for one another!

There are smaller maps that would be a nice wedding shower gift, maybe if the bride and groom are from different states, you can buy a map and have that illustrated, the coming together despite the distance!

They also sell wedding seating table cards and save the dates, that are rustic and personalized and even something that wedding guests could take some with them as a wedding favor.
If you enjoy rustic simplicity with handmade quality, the Here and There Shop is for sure worth looking into! Let me know in the comments if you have shopped there or plan on it now!

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