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How to be successful on Etsy in 2017

How to sell successfully on Etsy in 2017

Etsy has completely transformed the maker, artisan, and crafts people market like nothing else before in human history – giving people all over the world the opportunity to reach a global market for all of the fun things that they create on their own.

And while there are plenty of people making a full-time living (and then some) on Etsy today, a lot of craftspeople on the platform are having a difficult time breaking through and making the kind of money that they would love to make from the passion.

Thankfully though, (when you focus on a handful critical details over there that we are going to share with you below), you can really unlock all of the advantages that Etsy has to offer and kick your sales into high gear.

Interested? We thought so! Let’s jump in!

How to sell successfully on Etsy in 2017?

Become best friends with your perfect prospect

How to be successful on Etsy in 2017

Become best friends with your perfect prospect.

The number one mistake that Etsy shop owners make more than anything else, and the number one mistake that cripples their sales right out of the gate, has absolutely NOTHING whatsoever to do with their pictures, their items, or their personality – but instead absolutely EVERYTHING to do with their understanding of their perfect prospect.

Because Etsy is such an ultra competitive marketplace (competitors offering almost the exact same thing you are are just a couple of clicks away) you have to be able to stand apart from the rest of the pack. This involves creating items that are specifically tailored to your prospective prospect, but also making sure that your marketing and advertising (as well as your photography) is geared towards communicating that you understand your prospect and have exactly what they have been searching for.

Really embrace the power of the Etsy community

The real power that comes from using Etsy as a craftsperson has to come from the power of the community itself.

No where else can you connect with artisans, makers, and people that just love to create and tinker the way you can on Etsy – and you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy to reach out and connect with as many of these people as possible.

The Etsy community forum is a great place to get honest feedback about your shop, a fantastic place to dig up inside information about ways you can improve your operation, and a general place to let off some steam, connect with new friends, and create lasting relationships.

Pump up the quality of your photography

Etsy is a VERY visual marketplace, and your pictures are going to quite literally make or break your opportunity to get the kinds of sales you are looking for.

Sure, you’re going to want to make sure that your advertising copy is on point, that you are maximizing the built-in marketing tools Etsy provides, and that you have a specific strategy for driving traffic to your shop. But if your photography is lacking you just aren’t going to be able to convert nearly as many customers as you would have liked to.

Take a couple of quick photography lessons to improve your skills or even consider outsourcing your photography to professionals to get the edge and advantage you need to compete on Etsy today.

Drive traffic actively rather than passively

Even though Etsy does provide their members with a tremendous amount of powerful marketing and advertising tools that make it really easy for one person shops to compete on even footings with major corporations, the truth of the matter is you’re going to need to do some of the heavy lifting as far as traffic generation is concerned if you’re going to increase your sales.

There are really only three different ways you can improve your sales figures and your profits on Etsy:

  • Get more customers
  • Charge more for your products
  • Get your customers to purchase from you more often

One of the easiest ways to really improve your sales right out of the gate is to begin actively advertising your Etsy shop everywhere you can. Reach out to people in your local community and advertise there, connect with blogs and websites online that relate to your products, and begin to consider paid advertising approaches that fit your budget.

Boost your traffic and your boost your sales!

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