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Kims Jewelry – Unique, Hand Stamped Initial Necklaces

Tree initial necklace

A Review Of Kims Jewelry.

We love exploring everything Etsy has to offer. While we sometimes dive into the sea of smaller retailers, we occasionally bump against the larger distributors that started small and then found it big. Rather than be ignored, we’ve come to realize that they should be embraced! Reviewing what has made them so popular and what has caused them to expand so quickly in popularity, we are proud to do a review of Kims Jewelry. With an incredible number of sales and reviews, let’s take a moment to review this company to see just what about it is so worth your time and attention.

Hand-Stamped And Personalized Charm Necklaces And Bracelets.

Rather than going for a complex range of products, Kims Jewelry has found success in the opposite direction.

By cornering the market on personalized charms, they are capable of providing an extensive range of options for your personal selection. Backing their incredible selection is an adherence to manufacturing practices that keep the jewelry unique and special. Whether you are getting a charm in the shape of an animal, nature, sports, states, other geography, education, musical instruments, edibles, kitchen items, travel, hobbies, games, and more, you will be assured of the quality.

Items & Specifications.

Providing silver toned hand-stamped jewelry, every item comes with an extensive description regarding size, length of chain, and more.

In addition to shipping and policies clearly spelled out, you are provided a number of pictures to better get a sense for the jewelry in question. The benefit of these detailed close up photos is that you get detail otherwise lost when the object is as small as it is. Along with an initial option, there is enough selection for you to find the perfect thing for someone you love. The majority of items hovering around 12 pounds.

About the Owner of Kims Jewelery.

Located out of Texarkana TX, Kims Jewelry is run by an experienced jewelry maker.

Having been a member of Etsy for 8 years, she has worked up quite a following, including 400+ followers. With an incredible 14,000+ sales and 2,000+ comments, Kims Jewelry has maintained an excellent record and rating despite the sheer number of sales. With thousands of admirers, Kims Jewelry has managed to make a name for itself in a particular industry that is challenging to get into and make a name for yourself. We look forward to watching her business grow in the coming years.

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