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Designs Entwined – Boho-inspired jewelry

Genuine sea glass necklace

A Review Of Designs Entwined.

There are many reasons why someone would shop on Etsy. Sometimes we look for unique things that can be found no where else. Sometimes we want to support those who put pride, hard work, and love into what they create. Sometimes we want to be blown away by what a creative mind can come up with. When figuring out what shops to write about, we often consider these criteria. Along with ratings, price, and selection, we strive to bring you shops that manage to stand out. Designs Entwined is one such example of a shop worthy of your time and attention.

A Little Color, A Little Boho… Jewelry And Trinkets!

Sporting a free spirited design and eccentric aesthetic that is perfectly matched by material choice.

Designs Entwined is an Etsy shop dedicated to providing you with natural jewelry and gifts. Items include a range of jewelry including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. As well as sea glass, party favors, handbags, and more. With an ever updating list of products for sale, Designs Entwined manages to keep its stock fresh without skimping on quality or design. In addition, you are presented with a fresh take on jewelry, providing pieces that are bound to stand out.

Items & Specifications.

You can find over 40 items currently offered in store.

Designed Entwined utilizes a myriad of materials including precious stone, metal wire, glass, and threading. Unique, the pieces are individually designed and then sold, guaranteeing a uniqueness that is hard to find elsewhere. Sourcing locally when possible, you can rest assured that the work coming from Design Entwined is well worth the money you spend. Speaking of which, expect to pay on average around 20 pounds per item.

Reviews of Designs Entwined.

What do past clients think of Designs Entwined?

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive with people happily reporting that their items arrived and were as spectacular in person as they were in the pictures provided. While Designs Entwined only have 11 sales at the moment and are relatively new, they are gradually growing in business.

About the Owner of Designs Entwined.

Designs Entwined is owned and operated by two individuals outside of Devon-Berwyn PA.

With an eye for fashion and a creative take on material choice, the owns of Designs Entwined seep to produce items that are unique, special, and of good quality. Keep update with them to see new items as they come in.

Follow on Instagram @designsintwined and check out DesignsEntwined Etsy Shop.

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