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Baby boy hospital hat

A newborn is precious and most new parents adore dressing their newborn babies in style! If you want to find a newborn hospital hat which is charming, safe for “brand-new” babies and made with care by skilled artisans, you’ll enjoy learning about InfanteenieBeenie. This popular Etsy shop sells a selection of soft and cosy newborn hospital hats for male and female infants. Today, we’d like to talk about these hats and what they have to offer…

These Hats Are Highly-rated

Newborn hospital hats from the InfanteenieBeenie Etsy Shop are very popular these days. They’ve gotten a lot of media attention and they are definitely coveted items for infants. These hats are made in America, they aren’t too expensive and they pass safety standards (CPSIA) with flying colours. They offer more style than plain newborn hospital hats, as they feature an array of fun embellishments, including monogrammed bows and adorable appliques (puppies and mermaids are just two examples). These hats are so well-made and their extra design elements don’t interfere with comfort. This is why parents feel good about dressing their newborns in these darling little hats.

Many customers also choose these designs as gifts. They are great choices for baby showers or to give to parents in order to congratulate them right after their babies are born. While InfanteenieBeenie does sell a few other items at its Etsy shop, it’s really best-known for its high-style hospital hats for newborns. These hats are different from the norm and the fact that monogramming is available gives them a personal touch.

In terms of other baby accessories sold at this shop, you’ll be able to choose from cute baby “onesies”, baby mittens, baby socks and bow hairbands for older baby girls. It’s also possible to find some deals here, by choosing “2 for 1” newborn hospital hats. Deals are only available for certain styles, so the “2 for one” deal isn’t something that’s available for every product. In addition, hats for twins are available.

Although pink and blue are popular choices with parents, you’ll find that other colours of newborn hospital hats are also available. There is a lot of variety here at this shop, whether you want a beanie with a sparkly, sequinned bow or a simple design with thin blue-and-white stripes and no embellishments.

Check Out the InfanteenieBeenie Etsy Shop Today

This company makes newborn hospital hats more special. They thrill parents by giving them access to truly special hats which are ideal choices for photo ops, yet also very soft, safe and comfortable for newborns to wear. So, why not check out their charming shop today?

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